This week’s car donation story comes from a nurse who donated her 1999 Lexus ES to Houston Public Media through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. Houston Public Media provides informative, thought-provoking and entertaining content that reaches over 1.5 million listeners and viewers each week. The Lexus will support weekly news, public affairs, and informational programming in the Greater Houston area. Keep reading to find out how the car began as a surprise gift and ended up helping a nursing student!

Lexus to Benefit Houston Public Media

It’s hard to put into words the meaning of this car. It started as a surprise gift to my mom from my dad. She was an elementary teacher and felt this was WAY too fancy to drive to work. After months of boycotting, she gave in and drove it. It has taken me to cello practice, friend’s houses and soccer practices. As the years went on, it brought our family together for dinners, holidays and special gatherings and eventually supported me in my pursuing my dreams as I decided to make a career change to nursing. My car had been declared totaled after an accident. Lost at how I would navigate a car payment as a 30 year old nursing student, my parents gifted me the Lexus.

Car Talk 1999 Lexus ES

The donor poses next to the 1999 Lexus ES.

My dad has Parkinson’s and was unable to drive safely so the decision to downsize to one car made sense for them. This car got me through nursing school and my first job as a nurse. It’s taken me and my dogs to many walks around the lake with my mom. Now that it’s time to part ways, selling doesn’t seem right. I hope it can help support someone else in following their dreams. Not to mention Houston Public Media is preset on more than one station.

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