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Ammo NYC premier detailing and auto enthusiast site

AMMO NYC is a world class detailing operation and is ranked the #1 car detailing channel on YouTube. Car Donation Wizard is very happy to be working with AMMO on behalf of our charity partners for some of our most interesting and exceptional donations.  A channel for collectors, enthusiasts, and the curious, AMMO cooperates with our non-profit clients by enhancing and improving high quality donations and making sure we are able to raise the most money possible.  Take a look at the videos below and see the miracles that Larry performs on our donated vehicles.  His phenomenal car detailing will help us raise significantly more money, amplify the reach of our charity partners car donation programs and ultimately provide the donor with the best tax deduction possible. So if you have a classic or exotic to donate and you’d like to see what AMMO can do with your beloved beauty you can donate to us below or contact us for more information. 


2007 Bentley Continental GTC benefitting NPR

 This incredibly generous donation was made to support National Public Radio and WDET!    This 2007 Bentley Continental GT Convertible  has only 65000 miles on it!  This version of the Grand Touring Model was Manufactured by Bentley Motors between 2003 and 2011.  The 6L W12 Twin Turbo 6 Speed Automatic 550 HP top speed of 195 189 with top down had an orignail purchase price of nearly $200,000. This spectacular vehicle was built by the very talented Bentley team to be driven and this one certainly was.  After a couple of years of sitting the vehicle needed a whole lot of help.  Again we are incredibly grateful to Larry at Ammo for the TLC he provided to peel the years and wear off of this super star vehicle. YOU CAN OWN THIS CAR. Click below to bid on the this remarkable Bentley. Proceeds from the sale go back to support the important work of NPR supporting independent voices and journalism in Detroit and throughout the Country.  You can BUY THIS CAR and help NPR!   You too can help support your favorite charity through car donation to your favorite charity HERE.

2011 Subaru STI for Sale benefitting Special Olympics

This low mileage Subaru STI was donated by a family member of a Special Olympics Athlete! While the vehicle was well maintained it was stored outside for several years. Watch Larry peel away years of grime and neglect and bring this AWESOME donation back to life. YOU CAN OWN THIS CAR. Click below to bid on the vehicle. Proceeds from the sale go back to support the important work of Special Olympics supporting athletes on and off the field. Support Special Olympics and join #inclusionrevolution by BUYING THIS CAR!
Ammo Special Olympics Inclusion Revolution

1964 Dodge 880 Horace gets a ‘Glow Up’

Horace is a special car with a really amazing backstory.  This 1964 Dodge Custom 880 was donated by a very loyal Public Radio listener.  We’d like to extend a BIG thanks to our friend Larry at AMMO NYC for highlighting this car on his YouTube Channel. Larry and his team graciously agreed to do a preservation detail of this unique donation and to address some of Horace’s issues of age and damage.

How to Donate Your Car

Since 2011 AMMO has been bringing together a community of car owners and enthusiasts who are driven to understand how to protect their own vehicles.  With over 2 million YouTube subscribers and with products distributed worldwide, AMMO is a world reknown voice in car  protection.  In 2022 ARS and AMMO teamed up to help spread the word about the excellent charities Car Donation Wizard works with to help support their various missions.

AMMO NYC may receive compensation related to repair, preparation for sale, production or remarketing costs associated with these charity units.  All suche expenses are transarent and reported to charity

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