March of Dimes is focused on providing research, education, and advocacy for mothers and babies as they begin their loving journeys together. Regardless of age, socioeconomic status, economic situation, or demographic background, March of Dimes is committed to supporting women throughout their pregnancies and after the birth of their children. By donating your car, you are helping to empower these women with programs and valuable information about creating and maintaining happy and healthy families. Start your March of Dimes car donation by clicking here or by calling 888-898-1144!

How to Donate Your Car to
March of Dimes

Step 1:  Provide Vehicle Information

Fill out a simple donation form online or over the phone at 888-898-1144. We’ll ask for some information about your car, including the VIN, year, make, model, mileage, and condition.

Step 2:  Schedule Free Car Pick Up

Tell us a little about yourself and where you want your vehicle to be picked up. Within 2-3 business days, a local towing agent will call you to schedule a free pick up time that works best for you.

Step 3:  Get Tax Receipt

After you submit the donation form, you’ll receive a confirmation email with access to your Donor Console. The Donor Console will allow you to track the progress of your car donation, upload documents, and receive tax and title information. You’ll be emailed a tax receipt within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles can I donate?

March of Dimes accepts most car donations! Trucks, motorcycles, RVs, trailers, heavy machinery, snowmobiles, boats and planes are also accepted on a case-by-case basis. If you have a question about a vehicle you’d like to donate, call us at 888-898-1144.

Does my vehicle have to be running in order to be donated?

No, it does not have to be running. However, it must be whole and have 4 inflated tires so it can be towed. When you begin the donation process, we will ask you to explain the condition of your car.  In rare cases, March of Dimes is unable to accept a vehicle donation when the costs of transport and processing fees are greater than the auction value of the vehicle.

What if the car isn’t registered in my name?

No worries! Names on the title and registration are often different. We require a clear title in order to complete your car donation. Contact our processing center at 888-898-1144 for more information.

The title is in a deceased person’s name. How do I transfer the title?

The required paperwork depends on the state. Typically, you will be required to provide a copy of the death certificate, executor rights paperwork, and the signed title. Please call us at 888-898-1144 to confirm what papework is required by your state.

Can I claim a tax deduction?

When itemizing deductions on your taxes, you can claim the full selling price of your car if it sold for more than $500. If your car sold for $499 or less, you can deduct the fair market value. For more tax information, visit our Tax Questions Page.

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1979 Mini Cooper donated to American Cancer Society
2006 Chevy Malibu donated to American Cancer Society
2006 Chevy Malibu donated to American Cancer Society