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North Shore Animal League America VEHICLE DONATION PROGRAM

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Your car donation to the North Shore Animal League helps ensure that even more animal lives are saved from euthanasia. North Shore's hands-on work over the past decade has saved, on average, twenty thousand dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens each year — and over one million lives saved to date.

The average cost of almost $1,250 is what it takes to rescue, nurture and ready a pet for adoption — vehicle donations from generous supporters like you are critical to continuing their life saving efforts. The North Shore Animal League accepts car, truck, boat, RV, motorhome, ATV, motorcycle, personal watercraft. If you have a vehicle that isn't listed here, call us at (800) 752-6462 today for more information about special vehicles or donating a car to save animals. Every car donation will go towards rescuing and helping orphaned pets move into loving homes.