Car Donation Driven by Hope

There are 14.4 million cancer survivors in the United States1. That’s a BIG number!! But, some may ask, “How many people died of cancer?” Well, as one vehicle donor recently told me, “you can focus on the gloom, or the hope” and we’re focusing on the HOPE. After all, it’s why we’re in the business – taking vehicle donations for charities that work to make life better, healthier, fuller.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak with Beverly (Bella) Harris, one of the 14 million U.S. survivors. And, although I haven’t met all survivors, I can say she is the epitome of Hope. Bella bravely witnessed many loved ones battle cancer, some winning their fight while others did not. She also successfully endured her own battle and was left with more courage and Hope than she ever thought possible.

Once a bottom-line business woman, she was laid-off from her corporate job during her treatment. It was then she realized her dream of becoming an educator to special need students and discovered she now had the time to obtain that degree and certification. Today, Bella is completely dedicating her life to serving children with special needs and the families that love them.

Bella attributes her new life to her difficult health journey. She sees her struggle as a forced pause where instead of being scared she would lose life; she enveloped herself in the possibilities ahead of her and everything she could do when she was healed. She was granted that chance to continue and is now working harder than ever, but enjoying it more than she imagined. Because of her struggle, she is able to help her students and their families realize and attain what they might have seen as impossible. Bella is driven by Hope, and transfers to her students the Hope of development, empowerment, independence, and success. A gift she could not so fully share had it not been for her personal struggle.

Yes, she is fully aware that nothing about tomorrow is guaranteed, but instead of squandering today in fear, she does the most she can today. Our conversation put into perspective my own fears and worries…and how I am spending my time. It made me realize how paralyzing fear is…and that Hope is the perfectly fit prosthetic. Hope it what keeps us donating to support the search for cures, ways to heal, and comfort.

Throughout our conversation, Bella continued to comment on the beauty of life around her, and her gratitude for the chance to move forward and share her gifts. She pulled me into her world where I could feel her arsenal of Hope that includes strength, energy, power, and warmth.

Recently, as part of her arsenal of Hope, Bella donated her car to the American Cancer Society which was turned into valuable funding for cancer research, resources, and education. And, just like Bella, it WILL make a difference!

If you would like to make a difference by donating your vehicle, start by clicking here.

About the American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.

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1957 Chevy Two-Ten (210) – A Piece of Americana

It’s always exciting when an antique car shows up at the door. This American classic is absolutely no exception. There’s a buzz in the office about this original Chevy car donation to benefit Car Talk station KNAU.

At first glance, the 210 and Bel Air might be confused. Both were created to satisfy the public’s craving for luxury over economy. The Bel Air was Chevy’s top of the line model, followed by the mid-range 210. The main difference was trim and drive train which you might find in either model as some were standard for the top tier and optional for the mid-range. The 210 always offered the same luxury options as the Bel Air.

This Chevy 210 has had one owner for the majority of its life. It appears to be an older restoration and driven as a daily driver. Exterior body appears rust free. The interior is in superb condition for the year and the drive train is an all original V8 three on the tree! This wagon is in need of minor repairs: a new battery and a few wires required to be ready for the road. All maintenance records are with the vehicle. It has just 42,750 miles and was assembled in the Janesville, WI plant.

This is a perfect restoration vehicle for any Chevrolet admirer and is worth taking the time to check out. See detailed photos and condition information, or place a bid at eBay

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 210 Wagon

Update 6/3
We’ve been getting lots of attention for this classic, including a post from the folks at r/Wagon. Take a look at for more information.

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1966 FORD MUSTANG – A Classic American Muscle Car Donation

Wouldn’t this car look great in your driveway? Or top down coasting the highway with you at the wheel? It’s possible. This classic 1966 blue convertible Ford Mustang is up for sale with proceeds benefiting Maine Public Radio (NPR).

A classic American muscle car – it was in the mid 60s the Mustang became associated with true power and performance. This particular car was one of 607,568 ever made. Assembled in Dearborn, Michigan, it had only three previous owners, spending the majority of its life in Florida, then carefully garaged for winters in Maine. The interior and exterior have been restored and engine was rebuilt 10 years ago.

Ford introduced few changes to the ’66 model but what was new included wheels, grille patterns, a new instrument cluster, and color choices. This beauty is Shearwater Blue…a striking combination of light green and light blue.

It’s been said that 1966 is one of the most popular Ford Mustang model years in the history of the car. So whether it’s your first mustang or you’re revisiting an old friend…the chance to make it yours is within reach…and to help a good cause. Read the details, take a closer look, or place a bid at

About National Public Radio
The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program is one of the most efficient vehicle donation programs in the country. We achieve this efficiency by using a central charity, Independent Charities of America, to maintain your tax deductibility and a nationally licensed vehicle dealer, Advanced Remarketing Services, to handle title processing and vehicle sale.

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Places To Be, People To See

cover-300x225 - joeStory by: Joseph Hearn, President & CEO
May 12, 2015


Over the last five weeks I’ve done a bit of traveling. Crisscrossing the country several times; 16 flights, over 20000 miles, 7 hotels, dozens of taxis, 5 hotel gyms, 2 hotel pools, 1 yoga studio and counting all the restaurants would only give me indigestion. I have two very busy periods annually for travel; spring and fall. After 8 years of running the company and traveling 20 weeks a year, I sometimes feel like I’m as battered as my suitcase.
In today’s digital age you may wonder “why do we have to ‘be’ so many places?”. Can’t we attend things virtually? Do we need to attending far flung shows and exhibitions, visit with clients for a brief meeting when a call might suffice …

Well, after five weeks on the road, I can answer the question again, ABSOLUTELY. These trips aren’t glamorous but they offer so much to ARS and to me personally. It’s important to collaborate with other smart organizations, clients, vendors and even competitors. The trade shows keep us current on innovations into our space.

Let’s review:

Conference of Auto Remarketers (CAR), Las Vegas: focused on vehicle remarketing and automobile auctions. Great networking events, interesting technological advances, current market data and the collective intelligence of the best remarketers in the world. From small companies to multinational corporations and auto manufacturers, a terrific group.

Collision Industry Conference (CIC), Atlanta: Body Shops, Insurance Companies, Vendors, Auctions, Repair Facilities talking about ways to improve the industry.

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Baltimore, MD: the largest annual meeting of not for profit professionals. Bright, talented people working hard to make a difference in the world. Fantastic speakers, inspiring stories and new friends.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Vancouver, Canada: International conference focused on recycling/sustainability. Emerging technologies, innovation and environment.

Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEED), Providence, RI: A gathering of entrepreneurs, investors and students focusing on building an ecosystem to support the growth of Social Enterprise.

United Recyclers Group (URG), Denver, CO: An international group of the very best automobile recyclers and a valued partner of ARS. 2015 annual conference. Excellent education and networking sessions.

New Ideas are the lifeblood of a small company. We have to be out there having conversations, bringing home what we learn and becoming smarter as an organization. It’s not just me as President either, ARS employees are out in the world attending marketing conferences, web development meetings, seminars, trade shows and conferences. They have the same responsibility I do: GATHER & SHARE. Find what matters, identify what makes can make us better, stronger, faster. Find ideas will challenge the way we do business and let’s follow that path.

Now, I am finally back at home and office. Weary but feeling very fortunate. Fortunate to have seen old friends and acquired new ones. Excited about new ideas and following the examples of some very smart people.

Next airport in 12 days …

About ARS
Advanced Remarketing Services offers innovative solutions to some of the remarketing industry’s toughest questions. We navigate the confusing landscape of wholesale, salvage and consumer markets to sell the vehicles in the best venue to the most appropriate buyer base.

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A Welcome Ray of Sunshine

1980 triumph spitfire front April 24, 2015
Author: Lisa Crowell

The March of Dimes received a bit of Florida sunshine this month with the donation of a beautiful, yellow 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Coupe. Proceeds from the sale of this little gem will help fund research, community services, education and advocacy to save babies lives from premature birth and birth defects.

The Triumph 1500, originally introduced at the London Motor Show in 19621, was designed by Giovanni Michelotti for Standard-Triumph as a way to compete in the small sports car market that had recently opened around that time. This particular Spitfire model was one of five manufactured 1962-1980. The two-seat, English sports car, was the last and highest produced Spitfire model manufactured during the eight-year run with 95,829 cars hitting the showroom floor 1974-1980.2

The 1980 model was the last and the heaviest of the entire run, weighing in at 1,875 lb. Base prices were $5,995 in the US.3 The last Spitfire rolled off the assembly line in August 1980, shortly before the factory closed. It was never sold and is now displayed at the British Motor Heritage museum at Gaydon.

If you are interested in learning how your car donation can benefit The March of Dimes or other charity of your choice, contact our team at 1-888-709-2277 or visit

About ARS
Advanced Remarketing Services offers innovative solutions to some of the remarketing industry’s toughest questions. We navigate the confusing landscape of wholesale, salvage, and consumer markets to see the vehicles in the best venue to the most appropriate buyer base.

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1 Used car test: 1970 Triumph Spitfire Mk.3″. Autocar. 138 (nbr 4022): 26–27. 28 June 1973.
2 Robson, Graham (1982). Triumph Spitfire and GT6. Osprey Publishing. ISBN 0-85045-452-2.
3 Robson (1982), p. 187.