Car Donation Tax Tips 2014

Donating a car can seem like a daunting task but here at Car Donation Wizard  we provide all of the necessary information that our donors need to know before they make that big decision.

Firstly, knowledge is key. There are a lot of car donation programs out there that claim to give high returns to their charity partners, when in reality the charities are lucky to receive 10%-30% of gross proceeds. 

Tip #1 : Ask how much of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle go back to the charity and it’s missions/cause. Look out for charities or organizations that are partnered with charities that only tell you the net return- this should be red flag number one. 

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Car Talk Legend Tom Magliozzi Dies at 77

We are sad to hear that much loved Car Talk radio personality Tom Magliozzi  passed away yesterday from complications of Alzheimer’s disease, he was 77 years old.
Tom brought joy and humor to millions across the nation. Both Tom and Ray have provided their listeners with countless years of laughter, knowledge and comradery. We see the massive impact Tom had on his listeners through all of the enthusiastic and humorous Car Talk vehicle donors .  
We are a proud partner of Car Talk and our deepest condolences go out to Tom’s Family, to Ray and to all of the wonderful Car Talk staff. 
The guest book posted on the Car Talk website clearly shows the love, respect and admiration Tom’s fans had for him. Here are some of our favorite ones:
“Sad day for me. I listened until they ended the new shows and now listen everyday on XM Radio. He was my inspiration for bad jokes. He will be missed by all.” – Rocky Russell Rock Island UK
“Today’s puzzler: why do good people so often have to go too soon? My heartfelt condolences”.- Andrew Merkle Ithaca NY
“Thank you for years of laughter and “driveway moments.”-Jessica G.Dallas TX
“65 years old and I’m sitting here crying. What an absolute joy of a person to have had on this planet. Listening to that laugh was such a wonderful way to start the weekend. My thoughts are with Ray and the entire family”. -Steve Gogolya Bonita Springs, FL
“Tom always seemed to be having a good time. Wish we could all master that skill”.-Dave C. Arlington,Va
“RIP Tom. Your laugh will forever echo in the minds of us car nuts!” -Tom Littlerock,AR
From all of the staff here, we offer Tom’s family and friends our heartfelt condolences and like many others, are so grateful for Tom’s life and all of the joy he brought into ours. 


Team Animal League Makes a Difference at the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon

On Sunday November 2, more than 50,000 runners hit the streets of New York City and competed in the TCS NYC Marathon. The only thing more remarkable than the turnout was how much money was raised; $16,653,329!

nyc marathohn

In this photo, runners cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at at the beginning of the race. Despite the cold and rainy weather on Sunday, there was a remarkable turnout. I wonder how many people can fit on that bridge? It looks like an awful lot! Continue reading


Trick or Treat! Celebrating Halloween in Style.

Who said that work can’t be fun? Today we are having a blast celebrating Halloween. A lot of our employees got involved and are all vying for the top prize at this years costume party. Take a look and tell us who you think should win?

picstitch (3)

Check out the cast from Grease.. Pink Ladies, T-Birds, Sandy and Danny!

picstitch (4)

More creative costumes included Ursula, Quarantine Doctor , Warrior Princess and Toilet Man!  ( yes, this was the first time we heard of toilet man too!)

picstitch (5)

It will be tough to decide, there are so many good ones! Comment below to tell us your favorite one.

Happy Halloween from all of us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

We will update this post with once the winners are revealed.