International Day of Families

International day of families cars for charity

Who has your back when times are toughest? Who is there to pick you up after the most devastating of falls? Who is there to lean on in your moments of grief? Family. Today, May 15th marks International Family Day, the 2018 theme of International Day of Families focuses on the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. The dictionary explains family as, “A group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together”. We, as humans, are all a part of one giant family and International Family Day is just one of the many forms to commemorate our unity. Millions and millions of people suffer all around the world and thrive for monetary commodities that average citizens take for granted on a daily basis (water, food, shelter, breathable air, etc.). There are organizations all over the world where their soul purpose is to unite humanity by supplying these bare necessities, and at Car Donation Wizard we work with many of them every day.

Through Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS) cars for charity program our non-for profit partners receive 80 cents of every gross dollar to the charity which can help supply resources to people who need it most. By donating a car to one of the numerous international charities we work with such as Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Feed the Children, and Concern U.S. Worldwide your donation helps a family in need. Doing something generous for a family helps make us as humanity become part of the solution instead of being apart of the problem. By donating your vehicle to anyone of these charities, the proceeds can help families in need and will make an immediate contribution on their everyday lives (not to mention it may provide you with a substantial tax incentive). As children continue to suffer from malnutrition, dehydration and life threatening illnesses, we need to help in any way possible. Help celebrate International Family Day by supporting families in need of basic commodities we take for granted daily by donating your car to charity today. Contact one of our expert car donation representatives to learn more or visit us at  



Car Title Transfer Help Videos by Car Donation Wizard

car title transfer how-to video helps answer questions on transferring a car title during the car donation process

The Car Title Transfer Process

We want to make the car title transfer process as easy as possible when you donate your car to charity. Here at Car Donation Wizard, we appreciate every car donation we receive. Your vehicle was a part of your journey in life and now it is going to be a part of ours.

Car Donation Wizard is here to answer your title transfer questions with our helpful state specific how-to videos

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Habitat for Humanity Car Donation: 1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate

Habitat for Humanity Car Donation - 1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate

Habitat for Humanity Car Donation Feature

1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate

The latest featured Habitat for Humanity car donation in the spotlight here is a 1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate.  When you think about donating a car you may not realize there are some pretty special antique and exotic vehicles donated.

When you donate a car to charity you are usually contributing to the auto recycling industry – one of the largest industries in the U.S.  More than 80% of a car is recycled or reused so most most car donations impact the environment in a positive way.  If that wasn’t reason enough to consider donating a car you are also contributing to an amazing non-profit!

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Chop Top Challenge Car Donated to Charity

Teams in the 2018 Chop Top Challenge embarked from Chicago, Illinois and headed South for New Orleans, Louisiana. Cars in the Chop Top Challenge have had the tops chopped and windshields cut off of the vehicles making it a crazy drive as they take on their interstate challenge. Along the way, teams were asked to participate in different challenges to earn points. These challenges were not announced to the teams until they left Chicago, making them think on their feet and have some fun! Based on social media, it looks like that is exactly what they did, check some of the action out on Instagram at #choptopchallenge.

This year, the Chop Top creators brothers, Luke and Joe’s, sister and team piloted a 1993 Toyota Previa in the Chop Top Challenge. They donated the car to charity at the end of their stay in New Orleans. Thanks to their generous donation this mini van will be donated to WWNO public radio in New Orleans. Reusable parts will be taken from the vehicle and the rest will be recycled for scrap metal. After a fun rally race this team is also helping out the environment by recycling their car! I heard from Luke about some of his sisters highlights of this years 2018 Chop Top Challenge and here’s what he said: 

“The girls chopped the roof and windshield on Friday evening and then left Chicago Saturday morning. They braved a snow storm right out of Chicago, got Chop Top Challenge tattoos, and made it to New Orleans on Monday night. Tuesday night they led a parade down Bourbon street, complete with a 5 piece brass band playing from inside the vehicle.”


We are thrilled with this teams decision to donate their car to charity. When you donate a vehicle to a National Public Radio station of your choice, you actually turn your car into the community programming you love. WWNO will be able to turn the car donation into financial support for the local and national programming you trust and depend on. To learn more about the 2018 Chop Top Challenge visit them at the Chop Top Challenge website or follow them on Instagram at @choptopchallenge. To find out how to donate your car visit us today at or call one of Car Donation experts today! We look forward to the 2019 Chop Top Challenge! 



World Water Day Focus

World Water Day Focus Blog - Car Donation Wizard

Importance of World Water Day to Car Donation Wizard

World Water Day (#worldwaterday) occurs on March 22nd annually and holds a lot of importance to us at Car Donation Wizard.  Sponsored by the United Nations, this day is “about focusing attention on the importance of water.”  This day is of particular importance to Car Donation Wizard because all of our employees live and work next to the ocean, in the city by the sea, Newport, Rhode Island.  We see firsthand why everyone needs to take responsibility in taking care of this amazing part of nature.

Global Struggle for Clean Water

It is not just about having a beautiful ocean, lake or river to live by, work in and enjoy.  Today over 2 billion people live without safe drinking water at home.  That is almost 30% of the world’s population that has their health, education and livelihood directly affected by this global water crisis.  There are issues directly related to demand, availability, quality and environmental impacts.

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