World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day commemorates a terrorist attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad on August 19, 2003. In 2008, the General Assembly marked August 19 as an annual remembrance.

The day is a celebration for the aid workers around the world. These brave people put their lives on the line to support their fellow humans.

This year’s campaign is #NotATarget. Armed conflict doesn’t just affect soldiers. Entire countries and regions bear the social, physical, and environmental burden.

Who is #NotATarget? Civilians, for one, as well as aid workers. This hashtag brings attention to civilians hurt by war and humanitarians who bring aid. Because these activists are directly helping civilians, they risk becoming targets.

Below, watch the UN Secretary-General António Guterres explain the reason for this year’s focus:

In honor of World Humanitarian Day, consider donating your vehicle, boat, RV, or motorcycle to US fund for UNICEF. Help support the UN and their humanitarian efforts.


Car Donation to UNICEF USA: Helping Save Children from Disease

For a baby with tetanus, any movement – even a smile – can trigger repeated, excruciating convulsions.

Typically contracted when babies are delivered in unsanitary conditions, tetanus is a cruel, painful disease that kills 160 newborns every day. It strikes in poor and remote areas that have limited access to health care.

With the help of UNICEF, we can stop tetanus. An affordable and highly effective vaccine can protect a woman and any babies conceived after she is immunized. And yet, every nine minutes, another baby dies – because his or her mother did not get the tetanus vaccine.

PLEASE HELP: Donate now and help UNICEF and our partners reach children that need critical immunizations.

This is World Immunization Week – seven days when individuals and communities come together to spread awareness and promote access to vaccines.

Right now, all over the world, children’s lives are threatened by disasters – floodwaters in Mozambique, hunger and cold in Syrian refugee camps, and the aftermath of a deadly typhoon in the Philippines.

This is when children are most vulnerable, and killer diseases are most devastating. And it is when children most need your help.

Simple vaccines are the best weapon to safeguard children from deadly diseases that can spread like wildfire in emergency situations. But the crises in Syria and elsewhere have severely stretched UNICEF’s resources. Without your help right now – children will be left unprotected.

UNICEF buys enough vaccines to protect more than one third of the world’s children. That’s 2 billion doses purchased every year. Still, one in five children is not protected against killer diseases.

UNICEF has the global presence and know-how to ultimately reach every last child.

For more ways to benefit the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s life-saving vaccines, donate a car or other vehicle to UNICEF on Car Donation Wizard.

start your car donation to unicef


UNICEF USA: Children in Desperate Need of Water

As the fighting in Syria rages, many children have been cut off from a vital necessity: clean water.

The conflict has shut down treatment facilities, leaving millions with limited access to clean drinking water and basic hygiene. Diarrhea and other waterborne diseases are on the rise – and children are especially at risk.

UNICEF is helping those children through a large-scale water treatment operation that was kicked off in Syria last month. Trucks began transporting 264,000 gallons of chlorine to cities and communities across the country. In total, UNICEF plans to treat enough water to provide safe drinking water to 10 million people – nearly half the country’s population.

Help bring us closer to the day when ZERO children are deprived of clean water. Support the UNICEF Tap Project in March – World Water Month. And thank you, for all that you do.

>   Read about UNICEF’s latest clean water efforts in Syria, and how you can help

>   Donate a car to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF



UNICEF USA: New $250,000 holiday giving match

This has been a rough year for the tens of thousands of children who are suffering from the ravages of war, floods and other natural disasters. The most important thing many of these children STILL need is access to clean, disease-free water. And you can help them get it by giving a gift that gives back – a UNICEF Inspired Gift.

This holiday season, a group of anonymous donors has pledged to make your support go TWICE as far by matching your gift $1-for-$1, up to $250,000.

In Pakistan, three consecutive years of flooding has left children without safe drinking water. Refugee camps outside war-torn Syria and across Africa are breeding grounds for water-borne disease. And in Democratic Republic of the Congo, new cases of cholera threaten to spread like wildfire.

A Safe Water Kit Inspired Gift can provide the most desperate of these children with simple yet remarkable treatments. Oral rehydration salts, water purification tablets and anti-malarial tablets in each kit are specifically designed to protect and save thousands of at-risk children.

Purchase a Safe Water Kit Inspired Gift for just $99.02 in honor of a loved one before December 12 and your gift will be matched, $1-for-$1, up to $250,000.

Inspired Gifts help you turn the holiday season into a force of good for all the world’s children. Once you choose your gift, you’ll get a chance to customize a beautiful card to let your loved one know about the gift you have made in their name. But don’t wait! December 12 is the deadline for sending your card and the DEADLINE for the MATCH offer.

The Safe Water Kit contains the precise lifesaving treatments that work together to save children whose lives are at risk because of flooding, famine or war.

  • Oral Rehydration Salts – They have been called “the most important medical advancement of the 20th century.” This simple mixture of just salt, sugar and water can literally stop diarrhea or cholera from killing a child. When a sick child drinks this solution, her body immediately starts absorbing fluids that otherwise would have been lost.
  • Water-Purification Tablets – Just one tablet can make 4 liters of the most deadly, polluted water safe enough for a child to drink.
  • Anti-Malarial Tablets – When taken within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, one small tablet can mean the difference between a full recovery and death for a child infected by malaria.

A Safe Water Kit Inspired Gift is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give this holiday season. Gift a Safe Water Kit in the name of a loved one and all gifts made within the next seven days will be matched $1-for-$1.

Thank you for all that you do for the world’s children.

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Car donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF


Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF: A tradition of kids helping kids

Following in the footsteps of generations of children before them, thousands of kids will go door-to-door this Halloween to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF – helping raise millions of dollars for children in need.

The latest news on child mortality couldn’t have happened without your help. UNICEF recently reported an amazing 40% drop in the mortality rate of children under five since 1990 – from 12 million children dying each year to 7 million. We believe that number should be ZERO – and with your help we know it can be.

We also applaud UNICEF and the IKEA Foundation for a 10-year partnership that has improved the lives of more than 74 million children in India.

And in Niger, in the wake of catastrophic floods, UNICEF is responding to a growing cholera epidemic threatening already-vulnerable children.

On behalf of children around the world – thank you for supporting UNICEF.

Alisa Aydin
U.S. Fund for UNICEF

>   Set up your own Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraising page

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

For generations, kids have toted UNICEF’s iconic collection boxes from door-to-door on Halloween calling out “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!” The annual tradition of kids helping kids by collecting donations, big and small, has raised more than $167 million since 1950 to help children in need around the world.

This year UNICEF’s Create-a-Character contest lets trick-or-treaters design their own collection box. Glitter, feathers, stickers – you name it! Plus, three participants will have their design featured on limited-edition collection boxes next Halloween.

And whether you are young or just young at heart, you can share in this inspiring tradition by setting up your own Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF online fundraising page.

>   Find out more about Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, order your collection box and set up your own fundraising page now