Get A 2012 Tax Deduction For Your Car Donation!

While it might be too late to donate a car for and receive a 2011 tax deduction; it’s the perfect time to donate a vehicle and get a 2012 charitable tax deduction! When you donate a car, van, truck, hybrid or any other vehicle to your favorite charity, we’ll send you a receipt to use during tax time. Not only do the proceeds of your vehicle go towards an amazing cause but your charitable contribution is tax deductible.

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Donated to Car Talk – a 1997 Subaru Legacy                              

donate a car to car talk

Donated to Habitat for Humanity – a 1987 Volkswagen Golf

car donation to habitat for humanity


Year-End Tax Savings Through Car Donation

With 2012 rapidly approaching, consider car donation before the end of the year in order to claim your 2011 tax deduction. Car donations made prior to December 31, 2011 are eligible for 2011 tax deductions. Tax adviser’s agree that if you have the ability to take deductions, such a through charitable gift giving like vehicle donation, you should do it soon. Although tax rates are scheduled to remain the same through 2012, with the government’s uncertain federal budget cuts, experts agree it’s best not to wait. Car donations are just one of the many ways you can help out one of the fantastic missions of a nonprofit organization. Around the holidays, your charitable gift becomes especially meaningful to families in need all over the world.

donate a car, get a tax deduction

As a reminder, Car Donation Wizard accepts running and not running cars, trucks, vans, RVs, motor homes, boats on trailers, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, off-road vehicles, ski doos, jet skis, planes and construction equipment. Questions on what you can donate? Call us at 877-957-2277 and one of our vehicle donation experts will be glad to help.

With so many nonprofits to choose from, it might be hard to decide who to donate a car to. Visit our charity selector tool and learn more about all of the organizations Car Donation Wizard works with. We’ve taken all the work out of choosing an admirable charity since we only work with the best; the ones we know use the proceeds of each and every vehicle donation to help change the world one family, pet, or cause at a time. We also promise that we’re the best in the business – we have experts working to earn the most for your donation, giving your chosen charity more to work with and you the greatest 2011 tax deduction.

Donate a car in 2011 before December 31, 2011 and claim your charitable deduction on your 2011 taxes!





7 Unique and Different Donated Vehicles

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our donors, we’ve seen all kinds of unique vehicles come through our processing center and we thought we’d share just a few. If you’re thinking of donating something different to your favorite nonprofit, keep in mind that we accept vehicle donations of all kinds – whether it be a classic car or an old truck, a Sea-Doo or a motorcycle, the Volkswagen that doesn’t run in your driveway or your own moving art piece. Keep in mind that the proceeds from your vehicle donation not only go towards the cause of your choice but also qualify you for a charitable tax deduction. Have questions about our fast, easy towing, pickup, or donating? Call one of our helpful customer service team members at 877.957.2277.

1. A 1955 GMC Light Duty truck was donated from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Fun facts:

Did you know the 1955 was the first year GMC began offering trucks with V8 options?

A light duty truck is a U.S. classification for trucks or truck-based vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 4,000 pounds. (Wikipedia)


2. A 1996 Sea Doo XP Jet boat from Huntsville, Alabama was donated.

This particular Sea Doo was a second generation production by Bombardier Recreational Products from 1989 to 2004. The first generation Sea Doo XP was significant in that it was the first high performance version of a runabout (or sit-down) watercraft to be offered by any manufacturer. (Wikipedia)

3. A 1983 Honda Silverwing Motorcycle from Santa Cruz, California was donated.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Honda motorcycles like this one had an electronic ignition system (uncommon at the time of production)?

4. A 1998 Chevrolet Box Truck was donated in Fife, Washington.

Did you know that anyone with a standard license can drive a box truck? No commercial licensing required to drive one of these box trucks.

5. A 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood was donated in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Four body types of Cadillac’s were on the market in 1961 – the 4 door 4 window sedan, the 4 door 6 window sedan, the 2 door hardtop coupe and the convertible ranging in price that year from $5,000 to $5,900.

6. A 1929 Bugatti kit car was donated in Bowie, Maryland

What’s a kit car? A kit car or a component car is when a commercially manufactured vehicle has a new (often fiberglass) body put on the running chassis. Most times, the existing drive gear and interior is retained. These kits require less technical knowledge from the builder and as the chassis and mechanical systems were designed, built and tested by a major automotive manufacturer can also lead to a much higher degree of safety and reliability. (Wikipedia)

7. Probably our most unique donated vehicle was a 1997 GMC Light Duty Truck from Lee, Massachusetts covered completely in Legos!

Lego art is not actually unusual – to see more great Lego art – visit Fantastic Plastic to see twenty essential Lego works of art.


What will you donate?


Virtues of Vehicle Donation Programs

Good news for charities and donors; car donation programs are here to say.

While some have reported that after the tax law changes of 2005 vehicle donation volume would dry up to a trickle, strong charity brands continue to prosper.

Reasons why car donations for charities will continue to be successful

1.) Car donations provide year round ancillary revenue. Vehicle donation programs provide a good source of year round ancillary revenue that doesn’t cannibalize other donations or contributions.  A good car donation program offers a valuable service to donors and can offer a solid tax deduction for qualified contributions.

2.) Sophistication of market segment yields long term stability. More than just a charity donation program, these cars become a channel for responsible recycling of end of life vehicles.  The automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product.  94% of the ferrous material in the auto is recycled into new metal.  Approximately 67% of the steel produced in North America last year was made from Recycled Scrap.  Charity vehicle volume has evolved into a steady source of low end vehicles for recyclers and dismantlers throughout the U.S. The more sophisticated the recycling industry has become the stronger this relationship has evolved.

3.) Donors do their homework on net return of car donation proceeds to charity. Previously, some vehicle donation programs would be successful just through blanket marketing.  All across America, radio and billboard campaigns would encourage donors to donate their car to charities they might never of heard of before.  Today, car donors are much more careful when choosing a charity. The illegitimate or third party programs can’t compete with the brand identity of strong not for profits.

Car Donation Wizard has structured our program and services to provide first rate support for building a responsible vehicle donation program and relationships with the top charities in the world. We take pride in making the very best decisions for your vehicle, resulting in the very best return for your charity.


6 Tax Tips for Donating a Car to Charity

Car Donation Wizard wants donors to know that donating your car to charity not only helps the organization fund worthwhile research and activities, but you also may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for your charitable contribution. Here are some car donation tax tips:

1) Make sure the charity is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions. The most common types of qualified organizations are section 501(c)(3) organizations, such as charitable, educational, or religious organizations. Visit to search for registered charities.

Car Donation Wizard only works with esteemed, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

2) Be sure that you get a receipt from the charity for your car donation. You must obtain a written acknowledgment from the charity if the total deduction you are claiming for a donated car is $250 or more.

Car Donation Wizard mails a tax receipt for your records following the sale of your vehicle.

3) The IRS will only allow a deduction for the fair market value of the car.

This can be found on the tax receipt mailed to you for your donation.

4) If the car is worth more than $500, the donor must complete Section A of IRS Form 8283 and attach it to their tax return.

5) If the car is worth $5,000 or more, an independent appraisal is necessary. The donor must also fill out Section B of IRS Form 8283. Take pictures of the car and save receipts for new tires or other upgrades to verify its value.

6) Always consult your tax adviser or the IRS for more information about how you can claim charitable deductions. The IRS can answer your tax questions and can provide tax forms, publications, and other reading materials for further assistance. IRS materials are accessible through the Internet at, through telephone ordering at (800) 829-3676, and at IRS walk-in offices in many areas across the country.