1977 FORD F250 Donated to Disabled American Veterans

It’s not every day that someone donates an antique car through Car Donation Wizard, but when it happens we love to share it with our readers. This fantastic vehicle was donated in support for Disabled American Veterans. Keep reading about this car’s history, and more information about DAV.

The Car: 1977 Ford F250

This car has been dubbed “the perfect do-everything car of the ’70s”, and it’s easy to see why.

disabled american veterans car donation

This car is part of Ford’s F-Series line of cars, first manufactured in 1958. We’ve previously written about an F350, but this ’77 is clearly of a different caliber. This is not a Super Duty, but a Highboy.

The Highboy refers to 67-77 F-250 4×4’s. The name actually came from the Ford factory. They sat higher up in the factory than other pickups of the time, and thus a nickname was born! The Highboy was actually the basis of the very first monster truck, the Bigfoot 1.

As far as we know, this particular Highboy never reached monstrous heights, but it’s clearly equipped for offroading or camping, or just luxurious cruising.

After decades on the road, the upholstery is still looking quite sharp!

disabled american veterans car donation

The Charity: Disabled American Veterans

As amazing as driving this antique must be, the owner knew that it could help an even better cause. They decided to donate this electric lady to Disabled American Veterans, a charity with an honorable legacy.

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has been serving veterans since 1920. It has a single purpose: “empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.”

In 2017, DAV helped connect veterans and their families with over $4 billion in benefits. Nationwide, they have nearly 1,300 chapters and over 1 million members. They work to ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve and help veterans help one another.

To help support Disabled American Veterans by donating your car, visit our website or give us a call at (877) 999-8322.


Charity Spotlight: Fisher House Foundation

This week, take a minute or two to learn about an amazing organization, the Fisher House Foundation. Read all about the history of this amazing charity, and the unexpected way you can help…

Fisher House Foundation

Fisher House Car Donations for Veterans

Fisher House Foundation is a charity that helps military families in a unique and helpful way. Founded in 1991, the Fisher House Foundation is a network of houses that serve as temporary lodging for service members and their families near medical centers.

The Foundation also has scholarship programs, including

  • Scholarships for Military Children, which helps make college more affordable with grants to 700 students annually.
  • Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship, which honors fallen soldiers and wounded or disabled service members.

Since it began, the charity has “served more than 335,000 families and provided over 8 million days of lodging,” according to their website. The scholarship programs have provided $18,130,000 to 10,814 students! To put it plainly, Fisher House Foundation has made an immense impact of the lives and well being of service members and their families.

How to Support Fisher House Foundation

An easy, unexpected way to support this amazing military organization is by donating your car. A vehicle donation to charity is a lot simpler than it seems, and we are there for you every step of the way.

To get started, either visit our Car Donation Wizard website or giving us a call at 877-215-0227. All you need to donate your car is the title and a few minutes to complete our donation form. Even better, your charity car donation is eligible for a tax deduction!

Car Donation Wizard has the highest returns of any charity car donation. At least 75-80% of every gross dollar earned at auction goes directly to Fisher House Foundation. Help keep military families comfortable while a loved one undergoes treatment, and help ensure the children of service members have access to a good college education.

If you have questions, concerns, or are ready to get started, give us a call today!


Military and Veteran’s Organizations Accepting Car Donations

Car donation in support of our military and military veterans is easy. Choose from our list of charities that benefit those of our soldiers, leaders and armed forces today or start your car donation by clicking on the links below.

Learn more about a few of the military/veterans organization we work with:

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund serves United States military personnel wounded or injured in service to our nation, and their families.  Supporting these heroes helps repay the debt all Americans owe them for the sacrifices they have made in service to our nation.  They are, in the words of our founder, the late Zachary Fisher, “our nation’s greatest national resource,” and they deserve all the help that our nation can provide.  The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is a leader in meeting this important national mission.

Fisher House Foundation

The Fisher House program is a unique private-public partnership that supports America’s military in their time of need. The program recognizes the special sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond that normally provided by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Because members of the military and their families are stationed worldwide and must often travel great distances for specialized medical care, Fisher House Foundation donates “comfort homes,” built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance to personnel serving in the U.S. Special Operations Command.
The VFW traces its roots back to 1899 when veterans of the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902) founded local organizations to secure rights and benefits for their service: Many arrived home wounded or sick. There was no medical care or veterans’ pension for them,and they were left to care for themselves.In their misery, some of these veterans banded together and formed organizations with what would become known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. After chapters were formed in Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania, the movement quickly gained momentum. By 1915, membership grew to 5,000; by 1936, membership was almost 200,000.
AMVETS Charities was created in 1948, with the goal of assisting our returning veterans from World War II by aiding in their readjustment back into civilian life. This goal has continued to this date
AMVETS Charities is continuing its commitment to freedom made by our veterans, past and present. Help us support our veterans with a vehicle donation. Without you, our veterans would face a far more difficult and uncertain future.
The DAV Charitable Service Trust supports physical and psychological rehabilitation programs, meets the special needs of veterans with specific disabilities – such as amputation and blindness – and aids and shelters homeless veterans.The Trust accepts gifts through workplace giving campaigns, including the Combined Federal Campaign and United Way, employee matching gift programs, and similar special giving arrangements, and provides a variety of direct services for America’s disabled veterans.


My brother, the SeaBee.

By guest blogger: Marlayna Camara

Being part of a military family is an adventurous, interesting and also scary experience. My older and only brother Thomas joined the United States Navy in February of 2008, or should I say my family joined the United States Navy along with my brother in 2008. He went to boot camp in Chicago, IL in the dead of winter and on his graduation day we were there to congratulate him on his achievement. We have been there every step of the way supporting him and his decision to defend the Red, White, and Blue. Shortly after boot camp he was then shipped to Gulfport, MS where he will be stationed for the next 6 years, or more.

After only a few months of schooling and training, my family received news we feared would come. My brother and is battalion was being shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan for their first tour. My brother is a United States Navy Sea Bee. The Seabees, or SeaBees, are the Construction Battalions (CBs) of the United States Navy. The Seabees have a history of building bases, bulldozing and paving thousands of miles of roadway and airstrips, and accomplishing myriad other construction projects in a wide variety of military theatres dating back to World War II. He was sent to the Middle East to build military bases for the thousands of Marines being shipped out there for the Operation Iraqi Freedom, the War for Iraqi Freedom.

As scared as our friends and family were for his safety we could not let him hear the fear and sadness in our voices and he felt the same way towards us. As hard as it was we stood by our word and supported Thomas every day in our prayers. We sent him packages almost every day to keep up his spirits and those of his battalion. This was the first Christmas he was not there to share in the joy of the holiday season in 24 years. This took a huge toll on my family emotionally, but like anything else we stuck together and pulled through.

While Thomas was in Iraq my mother had joined a group for Navy Mom’s and had met a woman who helped us out and we grew close to her and her family as well. Jane had also given us the dates and information for the home coming of our Soldiers from Iraq. Soon after learning this information we quickly booked plane tickets to Mississippi to be there to greet Thomas as he arrived on US soil. Only my Mom and I were able to go down but it was so worth it.

We were able to stand in the hanger on the base and wait for the plane to pull in. After hours of waiting, in military life that’s what you do – hurry up to wait; the plane arrived and hundreds of soldiers unloaded from the plane. My mom and I stood there among other wives, husbands, children and parents with signs, flags and dressed head to toe in red, white and blue with no sight of my brother. Then my mom turns to me and says “If your brother is the last one off that plane I’m going to kill him!” Sure enough, my brother was the last one off the plane! We ran to him with tears in our eyes and our arms stretched as far as we could to take all of him in. The only thing my mom wanted to do was the same thing she did the day he was born, hold him, kiss him and to check that he has 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Following his first tour, we have still followed my brother through his journeys across the world, his NAM’s Navy Achievement Metals, and his quick move up in rank. From a no-name sailor to a Petty Officer 1st Class in only a few years was another major achievement. Unfortunately in 2010 Haiti was hit buy a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake, so Petty Officer Thomas Camara and NMCB 7, his battalion were shipped to help save Haiti. The men and women of NMCB 7 worked to remove bodies from the fallen buildings and rebuild parts of the island. They also worked close with actor Sean Penn in his efforts to help the Haitians. Mr. Penn co-founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organization and is managing a tent camp on the Pétionville golf course that now shelters some 55,000 people. My brother was in charge of a good amount of the project becoming very friendly with Mr. Penn. My brother was able to give back to the community in more ways then one. He was able to hire a good many of the Haitians and provide them with work to help rebuild their lives.

My brother has seen a lot and has learned a great deal in the past few years of being part of the military and was able to help guide others who have recently traveled to Haiti. My boss has just returned from a visit in Haiti working with a charity called the Friends of the Orphans. They are dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children through the support of the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”)  a network of orphanages in Latin America and the Caribbean. By donating and supporting the Friends of the Orphans you can help break the cycle of poverty for these children, and providing safe and loving homes for thousands of children in nine countries.

Giving back in the world is the greatest gift you can give. Whether it is lending a hand to some one who is in need of physical assistance or some one who needs financial help. There are many different ways to help but one way that is great and most people are unaware of is donating your vehicle. By donating your vehicle to a charity you’re giving the chance to donate more then you might be able to in a cash value. When a vehicle is donated to Friends of the Orphans or American Veterans, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will be given to the charity. Helping out in any way is not only good for your soul but helps to make the world a better place.