National Animal Shelter Week

Guest Blog Post By: Jamal Stutts

Did you know there is a National Animal Shelter Week?

National Animal Shelter week was established in 1996 by the HSUS (Humane Society of United States). They started a campaign to circulate knowledge to the community about the roles shelters play in local communities. The campaign also helps the public, like you and I, become aware of the various animal welfare issues and shelter services.

This week is dedicated to getting many animals adopted into new homes, celebrating no kill animal shelters and thanking the many adopted pet lovers across the United States.  You can search for animal adoptions from just about anywhere: your mobile phone, internet, or even your local cable provider.  You can even narrow down what kind of animal your are looking for by breed, color, age, weight, and height.

If animal adoption isn’t the best option for you right now, you can always help out your local animal shelters by giving a donation. Shelters are always in need of funding to buy medical supplies, equipment, and food for rescued animals.  If you want to see the value of your donation in action, take a tour and see how things work in your local shelter, maybe even become a volunteer!

There are many things you can do to jump start National Animal Shelter week. Talk to one of your local shelters first and get some more information on how you can help. I bet you will be glad you did! Spread the word to co-workers and neighbors. Every little bit helps.

Donate a Car to ASPCA



ASPCA Car Donation

Help do your part today!


Spotlight on our Partner: WORLD Magazine

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, WORLD Magazine is the leading supporter of Christian worldview journalism producing a bi-weekly magazine and up-to-the-minute online news stories. The mission and vision of WORLD Magazine is “to report, interpret, and illustrate the news in a timely, accurate, enjoyable, and arresting fashion from a perspective committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.” Each bi-weekly magazine features both international  and U.S. based news, cultural analysis, editorials and commentary, as well as book, music and movie reviews. In addition, WORLD also publishes an end of the year issue that covers the top stories from the previous year, obituaries, and statistics

Car Donation to World Magazine Donate a car to WORLD magazine

All vehicle donations will be used to help grow content and strengthen WORLD as a news organization. Donors can be sure that their donation will help journalists cover all aspects of the news: national, international, and cultural; politics and business; medicine, science, technology, and sports with feisty columns and religious reflections. Car, truck, boat, personal watercraft, RV or motorcycle donations help WORLD continue to report on and look for provocative and evocative news stories. Remember that your vehicle donation is tax deductible. Call one of our helpful customer service team members for more information on what you can donate or to start car donation today by calling us at 800-822-9286 or visiting us online.


Car Donation Wizard Celebrates Raising $30 Million Dollars!

Advanced Remarketing Services Inc. (ARS), a leader in automobile logistics and sales, is proud to announce that the company has raised over $30 million dollars for charities through the vehicle donation services of Car Donation Wizard. The money raised from donated vehicle sales helps fund the missions of exceptional nonprofit organizations such as: Habitat for Humanity, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, National Public Radio, Arthritis Foundation, March of Dimes, One Laptop per Child, Feed the Children and many more.

“We are proud to be partnered with some of the most highly respected national charities,” said Joseph Hearn, President of Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc. “We know that each and every dollar raised for our nonprofit partners goes towards a worthwhile cause.”

The proceeds from just one car donation could put a roof over a family in need of decent shelter, provide food for a starving child, fund medical care and research for an ailing patient, deliver lifesaving vaccines, or shelter for a stray dog. “One car can absolutely make a difference in the life of someone in need.” says Hearn.

Vehicle donations not only support important causes but can also help take older, high polluting vehicles off the road. The average donated vehicle is older than twelve model years and likely has more than 150,000K+ miles, which makes it nineteen times more likely to produce smog-forming emissions (source: Clean Air Foundation). ARS sells low mileage and good quality vehicles back into the marketplace and sees that environmentally unfriendly vehicles enter the recycling process. Each recycle-ready donated vehicle helps contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

For more information about Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc., recycling vehicles, or to learn about one of our partners, visit:

About Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc.:

Located in Warren, RI, Advanced Remarketing Services, Incorporated (ARS) manages Car Donation Wizard ( ARS offers innovative automotive recycling and remarketing solutions for nonprofit organizations, consumer markets and the automotive industry.

To learn more about Car Donation Wizard, visit or call 877-957-2277.



Everything you ever wanted to know about car donations

The most important thing to remember about donating a vehicle is that it’s FAST, SIMPLE and as EASY as 1-2-3.


1. Fill out an online application form…

Visit Car Donation Wizard and select the charitable cause you would like to support or call our donation hotline and give your information over the phone to a friendly representative (877.709.2277).

2. Mail us your title…

After you submit your information you’ll receive an email confirmation with a thank you letter and contribution form for your records, including instructions on where to send the title, as well as, exactly how to sign it per your title state’s guidelines. For example: California Title. (If you’re wondering why we require you to send in your title, it’s because we take the proper precautions to make sure that after your vehicle is in our hands, you as the donor are no longer liable for it. Other programs may leave your liability to chance.)


3. Sit back and relax as your car gets picked up!

After we receive your title, a friendly tow truck driver will call you within 24 to 48 hours later to schedule a pickup date. Sit back, relax, and wave your old car goodbye as our driver tows the vehicle away for a great cause.

Helpful tips along the way…

  • Provide as many details as possible when providing your vehicle information.
  • Follow the instructions on signing your title very carefully. When in doubt, leave it blank.
  • Expect your tax credit receipt to be emailed to you about 30 days after the day your vehicle is sold.



Thanks for reading, we hope you consider donating your vehicle!


7 Unique and Different Donated Vehicles

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our donors, we’ve seen all kinds of unique vehicles come through our processing center and we thought we’d share just a few. If you’re thinking of donating something different to your favorite nonprofit, keep in mind that we accept vehicle donations of all kinds – whether it be a classic car or an old truck, a Sea-Doo or a motorcycle, the Volkswagen that doesn’t run in your driveway or your own moving art piece. Keep in mind that the proceeds from your vehicle donation not only go towards the cause of your choice but also qualify you for a charitable tax deduction. Have questions about our fast, easy towing, pickup, or donating? Call one of our helpful customer service team members at 877.957.2277.

1. A 1955 GMC Light Duty truck was donated from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Fun facts:

Did you know the 1955 was the first year GMC began offering trucks with V8 options?

A light duty truck is a U.S. classification for trucks or truck-based vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 4,000 pounds. (Wikipedia)


2. A 1996 Sea Doo XP Jet boat from Huntsville, Alabama was donated.

This particular Sea Doo was a second generation production by Bombardier Recreational Products from 1989 to 2004. The first generation Sea Doo XP was significant in that it was the first high performance version of a runabout (or sit-down) watercraft to be offered by any manufacturer. (Wikipedia)

3. A 1983 Honda Silverwing Motorcycle from Santa Cruz, California was donated.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Honda motorcycles like this one had an electronic ignition system (uncommon at the time of production)?

4. A 1998 Chevrolet Box Truck was donated in Fife, Washington.

Did you know that anyone with a standard license can drive a box truck? No commercial licensing required to drive one of these box trucks.

5. A 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood was donated in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Four body types of Cadillac’s were on the market in 1961 – the 4 door 4 window sedan, the 4 door 6 window sedan, the 2 door hardtop coupe and the convertible ranging in price that year from $5,000 to $5,900.

6. A 1929 Bugatti kit car was donated in Bowie, Maryland

What’s a kit car? A kit car or a component car is when a commercially manufactured vehicle has a new (often fiberglass) body put on the running chassis. Most times, the existing drive gear and interior is retained. These kits require less technical knowledge from the builder and as the chassis and mechanical systems were designed, built and tested by a major automotive manufacturer can also lead to a much higher degree of safety and reliability. (Wikipedia)

7. Probably our most unique donated vehicle was a 1997 GMC Light Duty Truck from Lee, Massachusetts covered completely in Legos!

Lego art is not actually unusual – to see more great Lego art – visit Fantastic Plastic to see twenty essential Lego works of art.


What will you donate?