Over $50 Million Dollars Raised for Top Charities through Advanced Remarketing Services’, Vehicle Donation Program

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Warren, RI (PRWEB) April 01, 2013

Advanced Remarketing Services Inc. (ARS), a leader in total loss and charity remarketing is proud to have passed a significant milestone. Since 2007, ARS has raised more than $50 million dollars for their charity partners. ARS provides vehicle donation services to many top nonprofit organizations including: Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, National Public Radio, Arthritis Foundation, March of Dimes, Car Talk, Feed the Children and several other nationally and locally recognized charities.

“We founded ARS to have a social purpose as well as a business purpose,” said Joseph Hearn, President of ARS, Inc. “The dollars we’ve helped to raise, the brands we’ve helped to support affirms that we’re doing something important in the world. I am incredibly proud of our people who have made this milestone possible. Their dedication and effort is extraordinary. ARS Inc.’s charity programs help to support projects nationally and internationally. The proceeds from just one car donation could pay for the materials to build a home for a family in need of decent shelter, critical vaccines for children in third world countries, shelter for a stray animal, lifesaving cancer research and more. ARS hopes to spread the word that one car really can make a difference.”

ARS runs the top returning charity program in the country. Since 2007, they have returned approximately 80% of every gross dollar raised. No national charity car donation program returns a higher percentage. Donors can donate running or non-running cars, trucks, motor homes/RVs, boats on trailers, farm equipment, off-road vehicles, airplanes and more. ARS Inc., vehicle donation experts help choose the best venue for tax deductible donated vehicles, earning the charity selected more for the donation and the donor the best tax deduction.

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Located in Warren, RI, Advanced Remarketing Services, Incorporated (ARS) manages Car Donation Wizard. ARS offers innovative automotive recycling and remarketing solutions for non-profit organizations, consumer markets and the automotive industry.

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UNICEF USA: Children in Desperate Need of Water

As the fighting in Syria rages, many children have been cut off from a vital necessity: clean water.

The conflict has shut down treatment facilities, leaving millions with limited access to clean drinking water and basic hygiene. Diarrhea and other waterborne diseases are on the rise – and children are especially at risk.

UNICEF is helping those children through a large-scale water treatment operation that was kicked off in Syria last month. Trucks began transporting 264,000 gallons of chlorine to cities and communities across the country. In total, UNICEF plans to treat enough water to provide safe drinking water to 10 million people – nearly half the country’s population.

Help bring us closer to the day when ZERO children are deprived of clean water. Support the UNICEF Tap Project in March – World Water Month. And thank you, for all that you do.

>   Read about UNICEF’s latest clean water efforts in Syria, and how you can help

>   Donate a car to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF



General Motors $1 Million Corvette to Habitat for Humanity to Help Revitalize Neighborhoods

DETROIT, MI- The General Motors Foundation is providing a $1 million grant to Habitat for Humanity International to help with neighborhood revitalization efforts in 12 U.S. cities, including Detroit and Lansing.

The grant will go toward  financial support for new construction, home repair and rehabilitation, weatherization efforts and more, according to officials.

“This grant will help construct healthier neighborhoods and an improved sense of community,” said Foundation President and GM Director of Corporate Relations Vivian Pickard in a statement.

Other cities include Arlington and Austin, Texas; Atlanta; Baltimore; Chicago; Denver; Los Angeles; Nashville; New Orleans and Phoenix.

Pickard presented the grant during the Washington Auto Show, where the automaker also donated a a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe to the Union Beach EMS squad that was on the front lines during Hurricane Sandy.

The grant and Tahoe are the most recent donation from the Detroit-based automaker and its foundation in the past year or so.

GM Video: GM donates a car to Habitat for Humanity

Earlier this year, Chevrolet donated to Habitat for Humanity International 24 Express cargo vans to create the organization’s first-ever fleet of mobile response units filled with tools and equipment from Lowe’s and Robert Bosch Tool Corp.

“In addition to the Foundation’s grant, our team GM Cares employee volunteers will help low-income families rebuild and restore their homes and participate in other vital community projects,” Pickard said.

GM CEO and Chairman Dan Akerson has also publicly donated nearly $1.3 million to the nonprofit.

Earlier this month, Akerson sold his Regal Turquoise 1958 Corvette in the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction for $270,000 with all proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity Detroit’s projects in the Morningside Commons neighborhood.

For more information about how you can donate a car to Habitat for Humanity, visit CarsforHomes.org.


Who Do I Donate My Car To?

With the many options you have has a vehicle donor, who do you choose to handle your car donation?

Tax-deductible vehicle donations to nonprofits often increase as the year comes to a close and donors take advantage of the government benefit that reduces their taxes.

But experts caution donors about which organizations should receive their cars, boats or recreational vehicles.

The most important step is to verify that the organization they are giving to is a registered charity, Maryland Comptroller’s Office spokesman Joseph Shapiro said.

“Any on-the-level organization will be happy to provide someone with their federal and/or state tax number that shows they are a registered and recognized organization,” Shapiro said. “If they are reluctant to share a number, people should be wary about contributing if they want to ensure their gift can be listed as a donation.”

A change in the tax law in 2005-2006 reduced the amount of money donors could write off, resulting in fewer donated vehicles in recent years, said Thomas Skaggs, the mission’s director of development. Before the new law, donors could deduct the Kelly Blue Book value of their vehicles. “Right now, you can’t deduct any more than the nonprofit is able to sell the vehicle for,” Skaggs said.

So who do you trust? By asking the right questions at the start, you can find out how your vehicle donation will be handled.

Where are the cars sold?

Who determines where your car, specifically, goes? Is it a person or a computer?

How much does the charity really receive?

Any organization that has trouble answering those questions, needs to be put in the ‘proceed with caution’ bin.

Car Donation Wizard has a team of automotive experts that analyze each and every car received on behalf of their long list of charitable organizations (Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, Car Talk, UNICEF USA, and more!). Your vehicle is then sent to the best facility for re-sale, earning you a greater tax deduction and more money for your nonprofit. Charities partnered with Car Donation Wizard received 80% of the net proceeds, and proudly run the nation’s highest returning vehicle donation program in the country.

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Cool 70’s Car Donations

This 1973 Chevrolet Beauville sport van donated in support of Car Talk. This car was lovingly driven 365,000 miles before being donated.

This 1974 Aro Aerolite was donated in support of Public Radio.

This 1975 brightly colored, neon green Volkswagen Beetle was donated in support of the American Cancer Society through the Cars for a Cure program.

This cool golden 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass was donated in support of Habitat for Humanity in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.