Starting a Vehicle Donation Program

Lately Car Donation Wizard has been receiving a lot of phone calls from nonprofit organizations who want to learn about the vehicle donation process and how they can get involved. So we decided to let all nonprofits know just how easy it is to set up a Vehicle Donation Program with Car Donation Wizard.

Vehicle donation is one of the easiest ways for charities to help fund their nonprofit missions or to help with program expenses.

Car Donation Wizard is partnered with national charity programs like the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity International, U.S. Fund for UNICEF and March of Dimes just to name a few. Car Donation Wizard gives back over 80% of the gross proceeds to our charity partners.

For small to medium sized organizations we recommend that they sign up for a vehicle donation program with V-DAC. V-DAC is a Fundraising Counsel, registered with the State of California, Office of the Attorney General and is not a Commercial Fund Raiser. It provides a service that allows any charity, church or school in the country to have a vehicle donation program.  We have partnered with V-DAC to make the benefits of vehicle donation available to all sized nonprofits.

V-DAC runs the vehicle donation programs for ASPCA, Car Talk, National Public Radio, Food Banks, YMCA’s, schools and hundreds of small, medium and large charities across the Unites States.

Setting up a vehicle donation program is easy. You can contact a representative from Car Donation Wizard or from V-DAC and we will walk you through signing your charity up. There are no contracts and we set up your donation page for you.

It is that simple.

Vehicle donation has no upfront costs and we get paid per car, so if you do not get any car donations we don’t get paid.

“It is harder to raise a dollar than to make a dollar”-Joseph D. Hearn, President and C.E.O of Advanced Remarketing Services. Inc. so keep that in mind if you are considering starting a car donation program. The benefits of having a car donation program can help fund your nonprofit’s mission, with little or no upfront costs.

We are the highest returning car donation program and that’s why the best charities want to work with Car Donation Wizard.

Contact Car Donation Wizard: 877.709.2277 or email

Contact V-DAC510-412-2140 or email



Three Year Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

It’s been exactly three years since the earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010, caused massive loss of lives and destruction of housing and infrastructure. The magnitude-7.0 quake was the most powerful to hit the area in 200 years, its epicenter just 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince, a densely packed urban center of more than 2 million people.

The number of people affected is estimated to be 3.7 million, and Haiti’s ambassador to the United States called the quake a “catastrophe of major proportions.” It is a major setback for a country where 55 percent of the population lived on less than US $1 a day even before the earthquake. Habitat’s response in Haiti will include a variety of solutions
on the pathway to permanence. Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program is looking to raise funding to support projects along the way that specifically target vulnerable groups for rebuilding programs in Haiti.

Overall, Habitat aims to serve 50,000 families over the next five years in Haiti. Interventions will focus on a wide array of housing solutions and capacity-building initiatives to address long-term housing sustainability and community redevelopment.

Get involved today through vehicle donation, proceeds from your car donation will go towards future building efforts in Haiti. During the process of donating a car online or over the phone with a customer service representative at 877-277-4344, specify that you’d like proceeds to go towards the rebuild in Haiti.

Donate a car to benefit Haiti Cars for Homes building in Haiti

Cars fro Homes Volunteers help build homes with future homeowners in Haiti.


[VIDEO] Car Donation Wizard in Haiti with the Carter Work Project

This past year, Car Donation Wizard was lucky enough to be able to volunteer with 619 other volunteers during the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. View a video of the trip here.

In January 2010, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake forever changed the landscape of Haiti. Recovery has been slow and arduous, and the challenges have seemed insurmountable at times.

Habitat in Haiti

Despite all the obstacles, progress is being made. One of the most visible signs of that is the new community of Santo located in Léogâne, Haiti. Car Donation Wizard’s CEO, Joe Hearn and Jesse Beauregard were lucky to have volunteered the last two years, as part of the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project, cumulatively helping Habitat for Humanity move 255 families out of makeshift shelters and into safe, decent homes. These colorful homes and lively, family-focused community, stand as a beacon of hope – a sign of what’s possible when people come together with members of the Haitian community and share a common goal. Hearn and Beauregard both volunteered as part of the Cars for Homes team, helping celebrate what car donations to Habitat for Humanity can help build.

“It’s so important to spread the word about how much car donations can help accomplish. Car donations to Habitat’s Cars for Homes program, absolutely helped changed lives in Haiti.” Beauregard said.

Car Donation Wizard in Haiti

As Haiti continues to rebuild, I hope we can all continue to keep Haiti in our hearts and thoughts, especially this holiday season.  I think Jimmy Carter said it best when he said that “the challenging thing that all of us have in our life is to break down the barrier between us who have almost everything and the ones who don’t have very much.” I hope we can all make an effort to give back in our own way, no matter how big or small, this coming new year.

Car Donations Build Homes in Haiti


Forgotten Mirco Car: 1990 Daihatsu Charade

By: Sam Andrews

Daihatsu is the oldest Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, although they may be least known in the United States.

There were only two Daihatsu vehicles ever sold here: the Rocky, a micro SUV, and the Charade, a micro sedan and hatchback.

Daihatsu has used the Charade nameplate continuously since 1977, but only the third generation was sold here from 1988 to 1992. This is a 1990 Charade sedan.

If the name seems unusual for a car, it’s because it was translated from Japanese and resulted in a less-than-ideal word in English. Typically, any name that has any remotely negative connotation (“This car is just a charade!”) is not a good name for a car, especially if it can be turned into jokes. But it was kept until Daihatsu pulled out of the US market in 1992.

The Charade was powered by either a tiny 3-cylinder engine or a slightly more powerful four cylinder engine. Fortunately, this cute gold example has the 16-valve four cylinder.

As far as compact Japanese cars go, the Charade is typically styled from the era, with smooth corners, unpainted plastic bumpers and quirky cut-off rear wheel wells. The c-pillar is more upright than the a-pillar. The name “Charade” is proudly written in large lettering between the taillights. Basically, it fit right alongside any other entry-level front-wheel drive car at the time.

Why was Daihatsu’s presence here so brief, then? A lot of small factors, starting with the “Charade” name. They were also priced slightly higher than the competition, there were few dealerships, and the weak three-cylinder engine made these cars poor performers. In 1989, only around 15,000 were sold, low number for an affordable economy car.

Still, the fact that there was no one big catalyst made the Daihatsu a mysterious little brand that just came and went.

Fortunately, we have this generously donated example to Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program to remind us.