What can you get for $250? The owner of this 1962 Ford Falcon purchased the classic car in 1992 for just $250! The Falcon was donated to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, where it will support community programming at KBIA.

Read the donor’s story behind the Falcon below.

Buford the Ford Falcon

I purchased the Falcon from its first owner for $250 back in 1992. She named it Buford. Thirty years later it had run its course for that family. It was three shades of light blue so I painted it in my father-in-law’s garage. I had a great time driving it around even with no A/C and very little heat.

Ford Falcon donated to KBIA

Back of the 1962 Ford Falcon

During that time it went through rear axle bearings, a starter, and a generator. All of those parts were relatively easy to replace for me. The seats got recovered and I put in new door panels. It has a Pertronix ignition. I rebuilt an engine for it. The radio is a tube-type and is still working, which really impressed me. I [took] it out monthly for a fun trip up the highway and back.

Car Talk 1962 Ford Falcon

Side view of 1962 Ford Falcon

While not a show car, it is still a blast to drive. Now after my 30 years of ownership, it is time for someone else to enjoy it. Have fun!

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