Today, we’re taking a look at a special car donation to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. The proceeds from the sale of Rove, the 2008 Land Rover LR3, will support community programming at MPR.

Loki’s Best Friend, Rove

Rove’s donor shared his emotional story and vehicle photos with us, which includes a couple of furry friends.
Saying goodbye to ‘Rove‘ is more than saying goodbye to a car, it is closing out our long goodbye to our very good friend, and the reason we purchased it, our friend Loki (RIP 2018). We purchased our used LR3 in late 2013 because it was the only car we could think of that we would like AND would fit our 90lb German Shepherd, Loki. Aspen, CO was our most treasured annual camping trip until Loki fell ill in early 2018 with Degenerative Myelopathy. In October 2018, Loki spent his final moments sitting in the back of the Rove with us at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital as his final sedative took effect before his passing. It was fitting that the back of the Rove, where we spent so many fun times together, was the place we had our last moments together. This was his car.
2008 Land Rover donated to Car Talk

Loki and his best friend, Inge, pose with the donor on the back of the Rove

It is with lumps in our throats, and great sadness we now say goodbye to Loki’s car, but as with Loki ~ we can no longer keep it going. Like Loki, it feels like something with such beauty shouldn’t be so sick. We made the difficult decision to purchase a new more reliable vehicle that we can continue our adventures with, with Loki in our hearts, and say goodbye to the Rove. We have been longtime members of public radio; it is the only station we listen to on our long car rides to camping destinations, in the car around town, and in the house. It seems only fitting that we pass on Loki’s Car to MPR in his honor so that they, too, can benefit from his grand adventure.
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About The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

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