A 2004 Toyota Sienna was donated to WUNC through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. The donors created many memories with the van, with each family member sharing with us the things that made the Toyota so special and memorable.

This van has been a significant object in our family life, it was there as our family was starting to grow.  We went from one child to two so just as our family grew, so, too our family transportation had to expand!  . . . We loved all the road trips we took in this van, using mad Libs, singing songs, and listening to music – our van was just great times all around.

The donors’ teenage children shared their memories with the car which included road trips to Florida, basketball games, and learning how to drive.

     2004 Toyota Sienna donated to WUNC Toyota Sienna donated to WUNC

           2004 Toyota Sienna donated to WUNC through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

The donors chose to donate the Toyota Sienna to Car Talk in order to support National Public Radio.

We want to support good and fair reporting and getting the truth out there. I love Science Friday and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and all the great news reporting and in-depth stories… and my son said he likes Katherine Brand on WUNC, as he so often heard her reports when I picked him up from school. We also like One-A with Joshua Johnson. . . It is our sincere hope, that this van ends up with a family like ours and creates similar memories!

About Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

National Public Radio, or NPR, is a nonprofit media organization whose mission is “to create a more informed public”. NPR reaches 120 million listeners and readers monthly through its network of member stations, website, social media, podcasts, and events.

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program allows you to fund your favorite NPR station. Car Donation Wizard will return 75-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your car to the station of your choice.

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