Today, we are taking a look at a Car Talk donor story that features a beloved 1988 Chevrolet S10 truck.

This 1988 Chevy S10 was bought new by the donor’s father in 1988, where he drove to work every day until his retirement in 1994. Her father sold the truck to her for $1 several years later.

At the time I lived in a renovated warehouse in downtown ATL with no AC, in the summer I would drive around in the S10 just to be in the air-conditioning. I drive the S10 from ATL to Pensacola weekly when I dated my husband and after we married in 1998 and had a baby in 2000 the truck became his. He called it his “Chevy S10 Vortex Full Injection Engine truck”. We could drive the Chevy into our warehouse space and when my son was a toddler it doubled as a playpen because it had a camper top. He would stand up in the back of the Chevy and wave at the trains as they drove down the tracks behind our warehouse.

In 2001, the Chevy S10 became a “farm truck” that was used to haul tree stumps, soil, and railroad ties. Currently, the donor has six cars and could not think of anyone or anything “more worthy” of the truck than a donation to NPR.

chevy s10

“Now I am crying, who cries over a truck? It’s the memories that this story has brought back, with all the memories let this be one more.

An amazing donor story like this inspires others to donate their cars in support of National Public Radio!

How to Donate to National Public Radio

WABE is the National Public Radio station for the Atlanta, Georgia area. NPR is a nonprofit media organization whose mission is “to create a more informed public”. NPR reaches 120 million listeners and readers monthly through its network of member stations, website, social media, podcasts, and events.

NPR’s Car Talk vehicle donation program helps fund your favorite radio program.

Interested in donating to your local NPR station? Car Donation Wizard makes the donation process simple so consider donating your vehicle online or calling (877) 215-0227.