LizzieDore_ARSHabitat for Humanity Car Donor says Goodbye to His Beloved 1988 Benz


This is my son with his deceased dad’s car that he drove as his own for a number of years. He would have liked to keep it, but knowing  it’s going to Habitat eases the sting a bit. I assured him that his father would have been pleased with the donation. His father was a generous and selfless person, always thinking of others, even when he was gravely ill.  We have more photos, but this was Brendan’s favorite.





Habitat For Humanity Car Donation

Habitat for Humanity HFH

A car donation like Sara’s, is a gift that keeps giving. Sara’s charity of choice – Habitat for Humanity and her car donation was able to help her local chapter, Habitat for Humanity HFH of the Chesapeake. HFH of the Chesapeake continues to foster the dream of home ownership and aids in the development of present and future generations through their HabiCorps program. A home and means of income, although rudimentary in living are not always fulfilled by a community’s natural economy. Organizations like HFH address baseline needs while  championing for the well-being of a community.   

A safe, decent, affordable place to live is one of the most fundamental needs in life.  Unfortunately, the resources required to fulfill this basic need are unavailable to millions around the world, including many people right here in Central Maryland. 1

HabiCorps Program

The HabiCorps program is unique, in that the workforce development program allows individuals to build homes while designing a new future for themselves. In the recent graduating class of 2019, seven graduates entered careers in the construction trades. As HFH states, “every house is a building block, 3” and HFH continues to orchestrate work with value and purpose.

ARS Car Donations

At Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS), we help individuals donate cars to charity. We see every car donation as an opportunity to give back via cars for charity. ARS has streamlined a process for donating a car that is simple for donors, tax deductible, and is leading the industry with 80% of proceeds going to charity. On behalf of partner Habitat for Humanity (HFH), we want to thank Sara and Brendan for their generous donation – in loving memory of Mr. O’Conor.