Cancer Awareness, Worlds Longest Bra chain, Helping Break a World Guinness Record as a TEAM……..LET’S GO!!!!!!!

Bras for Athena's Challenge World Record


The vision and mission to this unbelievable powerful Guinness idea, was created by The Athena’s Cup. Jennifer Joliecoeur a friend and the inspiration behind this massive movement wanted to find a unique way to bring awareness to breast cancer after her friend was diagnosed and bring awareness since its breast cancer month. 

11 days of 12 hour shifts, where people whom were complete strangers from all different parts of the united states, for example here in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, California came together and became friends and now hold a bound as close as a family. 

Everyone had different shifts and were happy to alternate and help train new volunteers the “Bra system”. Some of the participants were working in the field making sure the bra’s were being staggered and lined up correctly. Others were working on measuring the length of the bras and counting lines of 10 bras each at the time. More volunteers had jobs to line the bra’s on the grass making sure our runner’s were ready to run the chain of bras to the people on the field. The rest of our volunteers kept “hooking” the undergarments together as more and more kept coming each day as we got closer to the the final accomplished date. Keeping in mind that Australia had a 167,000​, record and we were not stopping or giving up.

Working to beat bra chain world record

However in Woonsocket Rhode Island, we were working hard every minute and every hour of the day to beat a new world record. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to participate and help Jennifer and the rest of the participants who had the motivation and courage to achieve this one in a lifetime milestone. It was more motivating when I had mentioned the idea and the event with Samatha Fruci my team Lead here in ARS. She mentioned she can have Advanced Remarketing Services join the movement and help reach break a World Record. 

The Final day was breathtaking, to see the World Guinness records representatives in front of us and explaining the instructions of what the last step was in order to qualify with the guidelines to hook the last 800 bras we had in front of them. We all started to arrange ourselves into our “bra system department” positions in the field, to get ready for the last set of bras to get counted and filmed. 


At this point we had mastered each bra department and we were looking to work together and make sure that we were all following the guidelines to qualify. We were all working excitingly until the last bra was counted. Then we all came together as a huge team and surrounded the world Guinness record representative and awaited for the final count to be confirmed to Celebrate!!! 

At last the feeling of the crowd of participants and volunteers just got louder and closer toward each other to hear the final news!!! We officially hold the New World Record with 196,564 bras ​in Woonsocket RI!!!!!

Helpers building world guiness record bra chain