At Car Donation Wizard, we receive quite a few extraordinary vehicle donations, from perfectly restored antiques to personalized motorcycles, and everything in between. This is the unlikely story of a 1999 Honda Odyssey minivan. This car traveled from Minnesota Public Radio to Habitat for Humanity! No matter what you are passionate about, from Public Radio to equitable housing, Car Donation Wizard is there when you donate a car to charity.

Our team understands when a vehicle is at the end of its road, or when it has valuable years left. We look carefully to make sure the vehicle sells through the right venue and maximize the ultimate donation to the charity of your choice.

An Odyssey’s Journey

in 2014, a Minnesota family donated their old minivan to Minnesota Public Radio. That vehicle sold at auction and MPR received a substantial donation to help fund programming. The station may have even remained preset when the car landed with the next family of donors.

The second family chose to donate their vehicle in 2019 to the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. This Habitat branch builds, rehabs, and repairs homes in the Twin Cities area.

At Car Donation Wizard, we know firsthand how much of a difference vehicle donation makes. To date, we have raised over $170 million dollars for charity with our vehicle donation programs. Sometimes, we focus on the overall impact of vehicle donation, but this story reminds us how much each car counts. This car even counted twice!

The original Odyssey donors expressed delight upon learning about their family minivan’s impact.

“My wife Sungsook and I were truly delighted to hear that our beloved Odyssey made it to donation ‘twice’.   Thanks much for sharing that with us.

We do not have any special motivation or story to share.

We have 3 boys who were 5 and 3 years old (and the youngest were born 1 year after) when we bought this Odyssey. As you might safely guess, Sungsook has been a typical soccer mom for all 3 boys – taking them to the soccer, tennis, swimming, as well as the schools in this van.  While driving or waiting at the parking lot, Sungsook, who loves classic, listened to MPR all the time and got to know about MPR a lot more.

When my boys got their own car, we wanted to do something meaningful of the now old Odyssey and quite naturally MPR came to our minds.

Again, we are glad our beloved Odyssey had gone to the same-minded people.”

How to Donate a Car to Charity

We are here to help you donate a car to charity, from start to finish. Whether you are an avid NPR listener, support Habitat for Humanity, or want to fight cancer, we have the charity car donation program for you.

Car Donation Wizard promises the highest returns of any existing vehicle donation program. On average, 75-80% of the gross proceeds go directly to your charity. It doesn’t get better than that!