We are proud to announce a new charity partner that brings string instruments (and lessons!) to Rhode Island’s East Bay. The Community String Project is a school-based music program that proves affordable and accessible string lessons. You can support efforts to provide access to string instruments in the East Bay by donating your car!

The Community String Project

Community String Project

This innovative organization first began providing lessons in 2009. Their goal is to provide “affordable and accessible string lessons through an innovative music program” to students and adults in the East Bay. The positive effects of music education for individuals as well as communities are well documented. Playing an instrument brings both academic and social benefits for students. It can also increase self-esteem in children and adults alike.

The program started with lessons for students and expanded to offer adult lessons as well. The Project is structured around the principles of affordability, accessibility, community engagement, and musical excellence. Students or adults who want to enroll in beginner classes do not need any prior experience. That helps ensure that anyone who wants to play is able to participate.

The Morning Edition host of RIPR enrolled in the adult beginner’s course, and reports on his experience with the program in a three-part series.  Listen to the links below to get a firsthand account of the 15-week beginner program.

You can see (or hear) firsthand the impact that continued access to this program brings to a community.

How to Donate Your Car

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