Although summer officially started a few weeks ago, the 4th of July always feels like the unofficial kickoff.

Independence Day is a time to celebrate as well as reflect. Across the country, people put on red, white, and blue and gather for parades, cookouts, and fireworks shows. A few miles from our office is the oldest continuous 4th of July parade in Bristol Rhode Island that always draws a massive crowd.

This is also a time to remember what this holiday stands for and to honor the people who protect our freedom. One way to do that is by donating a car. We are proud to partner with Vets Vehicles, a nonprofit that turns old cars into benefits for American veterans.

How does a donation to Vets Vehicles Work?

Vets Vehicles receives between 75-80% of the gross proceeds from each vehicle’s sale. Vets Vehicles then distributes those funds to amazing organizations, including:

  • Fisher House Foundation
  • Marine Toys for Tots
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation

AMVETS assists veterans and their families on local and national levels. They help veterans obtain insurance and file claims with VA and represent 20 million veterans.

Fisher House Foundation builds a network of homes around the world for veterans and their families to stay while receiving medical care. Since the Foundation began, they have helped over 335,000 families.

Marine Toys for Tots is a program through the US Marine Corps that helps deliver toys and presents to millions of children whose families do not have the money to celebrate Christmas.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides educational counseling and college scholarships to the children of fallen special operations service members.

Visit our website to get started, or give us a call at 88-838-7834!