If you are thinking about donating your car, you likely have more questions than answers. Who will be picking up my car? How much money goes to my charity?

That’s where we come in. You might not have heard of Car Donation Wizard, but we are the engine behind the most efficient vehicle donation programs out there. You aren’t donating a vehicle to help support middlemen or fraudulent charities, but to make the world a better place. We share that same goal, and always strive to maximize returns. You can trust the donation program hand-selected by the most respected charities in the country.

No other charity car donation program can boast the same returns as Car Donation Wizard. Don’t fall for a car donation scam, trust the program that has the highest returns. We return 80% of the gross proceeds from your vehicle’s sale to your charity.

Our process isn’t just easy – it’s efficient. You can trust that the dollars from your car donation are going to support your favorite charity. Donating a car might seem scary, but we are with you every step of the way. We support you through the car donation process, providing title instructions and support throughout the pickup and auction process.

Car Donation Wizard only works with the top charities that effect meaningful change in local communities and around the world. Our licensed tow drivers can pick up just about any car, boat, motorcycle in all 50 states!

Don’t fall for gimmicks or suspicious promotions, or shady companies that offer you lavish vacations or claim you can deduct the fair market value of your vehicle. Car Donation Wizard has raised over $170,000,000 through vehicle donations, and you can trust us with your vehicle.

How to Donate

When you are ready to donate your car, all you have to do is complete a simple donation form, either online or over the phone with a friendly representative. We will email you state-specific instructions on how to sign over your title and how to get the car ready for pickup. Within 24-48 hours, a licensed tow agency will reach out to schedule a convenient pickup time. Your vehicle will be towed away in no time, and we will send a tax receipt based on the sale price of your vehicle. You’ll have space in your driveway and a useful deduction, and your charity will have much-needed funding!

Still have questions or concerns when it comes to donating your car? Check out our website or call us at 877-215-2277.