Guest Contributor: Codi Medieros

A woman, but not just any woman.

The woman that watched you take your very first steps and picked you back up after every fall. She drove you to every tryout, practice and rushed to make sure you were on time for that game..standing on the sidelines rooting for you. This brave woman even got in a vehicle with you behind the wheel while you learned to drive!

On average 1,735,350 people will be diagnosed with cancer in a years time, of which 609,640 will die from the disease. This is more than just a statistic, this is someones loved one, someone’s mother.

In 2014 Advanced Remarketing Services modernized the donation process by partnering with American Cancer Society. Now, donating is more than just writing a check, making a call, or being asked by your local cashier at the grocery store. The Cars for a Cure donation program enables potential donors to turn old vehicles into life-changing funding for the American Cancer Society.

So when you see your car sitting in the garage collecting dust because it is not worth the repair costs, or that motorcycle you swore you would fix 7 years ago before life had other plans..consider donating. For every vehicle donation, 70-80% of the proceeds go back to the charity. Your vehicle donation will change the life of a family that is unable to afford treatment for their mother. Your donation is one more step forward to finding a cure so no one has to lose that special woman in their life.