Carry On My Wayward Sebring”

A donor’s story


“Most of the time when we’re driving around town, we have our radios tuned to KCUR. I can’t count the “driveway moments” I’ve enjoyed, and my husband has his own laundry list of reasons why public radio is one of our favorite “listening places.”


My first donation was of a car I called my “Trusty Steed.” I bought it with my earnings as a teacher, and it faithfully took me to school and brought me home for many years. Broadcasts from KCUR were the “anthem” of that car, so when the time eventually came for us to part, its next home was a no-brainer. I donated it to a cause that it and I had long shared.


Recently my husband’s elderly convertible also reached the end of its commuting life. Still drive-able, but not the best for daily travel anymore. By now the precedent was set. Stand by, KCUR, you probably haven’t received your last car from us!”


How to Donate a Car to KCUR

KCUR is the flagship NPR station for the Kansas City metropolitan area. Their broadcasts reach a 90-mile radius in Missouri and Kansas and you can tune in 24/7.

They broadcast national programs that you can hear on NPR stations nationwide, but that’s not all. KCUR creates and broadcasts several shows specific to the Kansas City region, including Central Standard,  12th Street Jump, and Cyprus Avenue.

Maybe KCUR keeps you company on your commutes, like so many donors. If you’re a listener, you definitely trust their commitment to reporting on the local stories that matter in your community.

You might be wondering, how can you support KCUR? That’s where Car Donation Wizard comes in. Maybe you have a  1998 CHRYSLER Sebring-V6, or maybe you just have an older junk car that’s gathering dust in the driveway. Either way, we can help.

When you donate a car to KCUR through Car Donation Wizard, you can be sure that they will receive between 75-80% of the gross proceeds of your donation. That means 80 cents of every dollar goes straight to your favorite programs.

To get started, simply visit our website or give us a call at (877) 215-0227 and we can get your car picked up in no time.

It’s time for your car to embark on a new and unexpected adventure — supporting your favorite public radio station!