March 14th is more than just Pi day! This date is also known as World Kidney Day, an awareness day for the often-unconsidered kidney. Kidney health is incredibly important, as these fist-sized organs filter out waste and water from the bloodstream. They certainly deserve a day of their own!

However, this day is about more than a celebration of a nifty organ. While the kidney is mighty, it is also prone to infection or cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, kidney cancer is among the ten most common cancers in the US. ACS estimates that 73,820 new cases of kidney cancer will occur in 2019. It primarily affects those over the age of 45.

Although kidney cancer is common, the American Cancer Society funds groundbreaking research into treatment, causes, and detection. Although rates of kidney cancer are slightly rising, the mortality rate has been increasing. ACS researches what stops kidneys from functioning in order to prevent and treat cancer.

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