Often times our vehicle stories take a look at the history of interesting cars and the charities that car donation supports. Today, we want to share a story about family and a love for National Public Radio. This family donated their 2002 Mazda Tribute to WFAE and shared this story with us. Every NPR car donation is as unique as the programs they fund!


"At the end of 2018, we said goodbye to our Mazda Tribute. It was the very first car that we bought together. The car had so many firsts to its credit that it will be hard to list here. Our children came home from the hospital in it too. Although we will miss driving our Dark Titanium SUV, we are glad that we will hear its presence through WFAE’s programs. You may be wondering why our vehicle of 16 years and 200,000+ miles was donated to Public Radio."

"After we moved to Charlotte from Mumbai, WFAE / NPR was one of the very first radio stations that we started listening to and it quickly became a favorite. When the children were younger, turning on this station was the quickest way to stop them from bickering in the car. The threat of taking away their music motivated the kids to call it a truce. Now that they are middle schoolers, Public Radio’s timely coverage and interesting topics trigger meaningful conversations in the car. We hope that our small contribution will support the great work NPR is already doing. In other words, we would call it a fitting farewell for our car!!"

 Donate A Car To NPR: WFAE

WFAE is Charlotte's NPR news source and a beloved source of music and stories for those in North Carolina. Each week, their programming reaching over 200,000 listeners! Their diverse broadcasts include regional, national, and international news.

Their mission is admirable: "journalism that informs, enriches, and inspires." They broadcast dozens of programs, offering entertainment, music, talk radio, and news. One standout program is Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins where each month the Charlotte mayor joins the host to answer listener questions, and help connect the goverment with the residents.

Almost half of their fundraising comes from listeners like you, and that's where our Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program comes in.

When you donate your car to NPR, you're helping create the programs that you love. We keep it simple, and provide help along the way in case you have questions about title transfers or tax deductions! To get started, simply visit our website or give us a call at 877-215-0227!