Today, August 5th is National Friendship Day!

friendship day

What is Friendship Day? It was started in 1919 by Hallmark as a way for friends to celebrate one another with cards and gifts, a platonic Valentine’s Day of sorts.

The event petered out by the 1940s until a well-known honey-loving bear was given the honorific “Ambassador of Friendship” in 1998! You guessed it, cuddly icon Winnie the Pooh has a title from the United Nations!

Nowadays, this holiday is celebrated with gifts and quality time, with appreciation and kind words. I plan to celebrate at the beach with friends, enjoying the last few weeks of summer – no splashing on Friendship Day!

The official date for Friendship Day in the United States is August 5th, but the UN marks it as July 30th. Other countries don’t have a specific date but annually celebrate on the first Sunday in August.

How do you celebrate with your friends? Whether with a card, a beach day, or an adventure through Hundred Acre Wood, spend today letting your loved ones know how important they are to you.

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