Habitat for Humanity Car Donation - 1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate

Habitat for Humanity Car Donation Feature

1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate

The latest featured Habitat for Humanity car donation in the spotlight here is a 1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate.  When you think about donating a car you may not realize there are some pretty special antique and exotic vehicles donated.

When you donate a car to charity you are usually contributing to the auto recycling industry – one of the largest industries in the U.S.  More than 80% of a car is recycled or reused so most most car donations impact the environment in a positive way.  If that wasn’t reason enough to consider donating a car you are also contributing to an amazing non-profit!

This vehicle donation however was not one destined for the auto recycling world.  This 1986 Alfa Romeo Graduate will be raising funds for Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity.  The money raised from this classic car will help to eliminate substandard housing and provide decent shelter for people in southeastern West Virginia.

Cars for Homes Vehicle Donation Program

The Habitat for Humanity car donation program, also known as “Cars for Homes,” has helped the lives of many people over the years.  It is certainly exciting when a generous donor decides to donate a car as cool as this Alfa Romeo.  The Graduate was intended to be a less expensive “entry-level” Alfa Romeo though it still had the same engine and transmission as the Quadrigoglio and Veloce.  The original version of the model also made an appearance in the 1967 film, “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman.

How to Donate Your Car

If you are interested in more information on how to donate your car to Habitat for Humanity or another charity visit the Car Donation Wizard Tips page to learn about the process.  We have answers to frequently asked questions on car donation tax deductions and title transfer tips for all 50 states.

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