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Importance of World Water Day to Car Donation Wizard

World Water Day (#worldwaterday) occurs on March 22nd annually and holds a lot of importance to us at Car Donation Wizard.  Sponsored by the United Nations, this day is “about focusing attention on the importance of water.”  This day is of particular importance to Car Donation Wizard because all of our employees live and work next to the ocean, in the city by the sea, Newport, Rhode Island.  We see firsthand why everyone needs to take responsibility in taking care of this amazing part of nature.

Global Struggle for Clean Water

It is not just about having a beautiful ocean, lake or river to live by, work in and enjoy.  Today over 2 billion people live without safe drinking water at home.  That is almost 30% of the world’s population that has their health, education and livelihood directly affected by this global water crisis.  There are issues directly related to demand, availability, quality and environmental impacts.

World Water Day (UN) Importance to Car Donation Wizard Blog 1Car Donation Programs

Car Donation Wizard works with a lot of amazing charities.  You can donate a car to help raise money for nearly any cause that is important to you.  A few organizations that we directly support make it part of their mission to conquer issues surrounding water globally.  UNICEF, Feed the Children and Concern Worldwide are three charities we support with car donations that make real differences every single day.

World Water Day Importance to Car Donation Wizard Blog 2

Please take a moment on World Water Day to visit each of these charities and learn how they create change.  You can visit each of these awesome charities with car donation programs at the following links:

UNICEF USA – Humanitarian Aid for Children in Crisis

Feed the ChildrenCreate a World Where No Child Goes to Bed Hungry

Concern Worldwide – Transforming Concern into Action

Donate My Car in Support of World Water Day

Every car donation made makes more of a difference than you might think.  If you aren’t able to donate money at the moment, consider donating a car.  Even an old junk car that may not run anymore still has value that can help bring clean water to someone who needs it.  Visit Car Donation Wizard for more information on donating a car to charity.