WBEZ Car Donation - 1948 Chevy Truck - Front

The WBEZ car donation program has been a great way for local Chicago area NPR fans to support their favorite station. When you donate a car to WBEZ or another one of your favorite public radio stations you turn your vehicle donation into the local community programming you love. When you donate a car to charity you are not only supporting that non-profit organization but your donation is eligible for a tax deduction.

This 1948 Chevy truck was donated to Chicago Public Radio – WBEZ, via the Car Talk vehicle donation program. The truck was donated in excellent condition. Built completely on the original 1948 frame, the redesigned hot rod truck has a 350 cubic inch V8 engine, 3 speed automatic transmission, and air conditioning. The donor told us that the truck is still equipped with manual steering and says a strong guy or gal is needed to steer this powerful vehicle.

This model Chevy truck was the first major post-World War II redesign. America’s carmakers stopped producing cars during WWII but they never stopped building trucks. It was built to be as a larger, improved, sleeker model compared to earlier AK series. This model truck caused quite the stir when it first was released in 1948 because of its round, modern design. Besides the outer frame being cosmetically redesigned, the interior of the truck was built to have more practical space, including bigger, comfortable cabs, room for three adults to sit comfortably, and easier to get in and out of.

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