This old 1974 Datsun 260Z was recently sent to us as a car donation to Texas Public Radio.  This car may be a fixer-upper, but the Datsun was shown a lot of love in its prime. 

1974 Datsun Donated to Texas Public Radio

The donor of this vehicle first encountered his future car in Texas in 1974.  He was a journalist covering The Huntsville Prison Siege that occurred in the summer of that year.  The prison siege was an eleven-day prison uprising (one of the longest in U.S. History).  The donor came across the car shortly thereafter in August and purchased it.  From there the donor took various long-distance trips all over the western side of the country.  He went from Dallas, TX to Denver CO, Denver to Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix to San Francisco CA, and San Francisco back to Austin, TX.  All those trips added up would amount to 62 hours and 26 minutes and 4,124 miles of total driving.  Clearly, this vehicle was well loved and took part in many adventures back in its heyday.

Datsun’s original production started in 1931 when it was then referred to as Dat Motorcar Company.  The first production line in 1931 only sold approximately 10 of their vehicles.  Nissan took control of DAT in 1934 and the undercompany took the name Datsun from there on.  One of their most successful productions was the car donation that we received: the Fairlady 260Z. 

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