From Rescued to Rescuer

YAG9NYBYZW RAugust 28, 2015
Author: Lisa Crowell

In Ojai, California there’s a non-profit, non-governmental organization that partners rescued dogs with firefighters and other emergency response agencies to find people buried alive in the wreckage of American disasters.

Forty miles away is a donor who believes so whole-heartedly in this cause that she donated her Lincoln Continental in support of their mission.

“Search Dog Foundation” is the only organization in the United States that provides advanced search teams at no cost to fire emergency service agencies throughout the country.

SDF recruits abused and abandoned dogs from across the country who are not suitable for family adoption. These dogs receive extensive professional training before being teamed with a handler. Once partnered the team trains for FEMA Advanced Certification before beginning their important life-saving work. An impressive 85% of SDF dogs receive their FEMA certification…up from a mere 15% prior to the SDF training program.1

The foundation makes a commitment to each dog: that it will never need to be rescued again. If a dog is accepted by SDF but does not complete the training program, or if it cannot remain with its handler for any reason, it is placed in a loving lifetime care home.1

There is a high price tag to rescue, train, partner, certify, and provide ongoing training for each search dog and its handler. At $10,000.00 per team, and at no cost to the benefitting agency, public funding is paramount. Our donor in California knows that and recognizes the importance of her contribution and others like her. She made the most out of what should could offer and decided it would be her car.1

We thank this donor and all like her who have donated their car, truck, van, motorcycle or other vehicle to help hose who need it most. You are all making a wonderfully positive impact on our world and you are helping to change lives.

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