74 BMW 2002 Donated to Car Talk to Help Fund Minnesota Public Radio

This 74 BMW 2002 donated to Car Talk will help fund Minnesota Public Radio. Having sold for $3,400, we wonder what the guys at Car Talk, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, would have to say about it?


Unlike the New Class four door sedan, the 2002 was built to be an entry-level BMW. The 2002 was part of the New Class Series but because of its size, it was less expensive than its predecessor. The 2002 was also lighter in weight and shorter in length, making it the perfect basis for BMW’s sporting 02 series.


After BMW hit a slump in the 1950’s they needed to build a car that was accessible to more car buyers. The 2002 did the job. More people were drawn to the affordability and practicality of the compact BMW. The 2002 was reliable and easy to park on narrow city streets making it perfect for families and city dwellers.

This small sedan was a hit at the box office as well as with car owners. The 2002 made appearances in various films including:

willy wonkaWilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971


and The Muppets Take Manhattan in 1984.

For more information about Car Talk and to listen to Tom and Ray, be sure to check out their show, click here to find the radio station for your area!

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