Dalmatian Car to Help ASPCA

It’s not everyday that we get a car donation that epitomizes the charity that it is being donated to. This one of a kind 1983 Toyota Camry was donated to the ASPCA, and you can see why!

Painted white and covered in black Dalmatian spots this car has been making people smile for 13 years.


Michelle Andrews, our vehicle donor, is a member of the ASPCA and has been an animal rights advocate for over 25 years. Her passion for animals has even led her to adopting a vegetarian then vegan lifestyle in her protest. She has rescued one Dalmatian named Adia Star and two mixes, Marcel and Marcella.

Over the past 13 years this car has brought smiles and amazement to those it came in contact with. Michelle’s donation will continue its good will by helping the ASPCA fight back against animal cruelty. Over 82% of gross proceeds from the sale of this vehicle will go towards funding ASPCA programs.


No Cruella de Vil. Michelle loves animals and is excited that her beloved Dalmatian car can continue to do great work for animal advocacy.


Seen here with Punkie, Michelle Andrews is an active member of the ASPCA and is continuing her support through vehicle donation.

Thank you Michelle for the wonderful car donation and  for your continued support to the ASPCA.

If you are looking to donate your car to the ASPCA click here.

If you are thinking about donating your car and have a great story like Michelle’s contact us today!

Email: ars@arscars.com or Phone: 877.957.2277