Happy Earth Day from your Friends at Car Donation Wizard

From all of us at Car Donation Wizard, Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from Car Donation Wizard!

What are you doing to help make better choices for a longer lasting and greener planet?

Here at Car Donation Wizard, we’re proud to work for a company that not only responsibly recycles donated vehicles, but practices what they preach by bringing in recycling practices to the work place.

Some of the ways we reduce our carbon footprint are:

1) Use of car pools for employees that live in nearby areas.

2) Use of ceramic coffee mugs, and plastic lunch containers instead of disposable paper products.

3) Drinking tap water from re-usable water bottles, instead of buying plastic water bottles.

4) In the warmer months, walking and biking to work more often than driving.

5) Recycling all recyclable products that come into the office – paper, boxes, plastics.

6) Using recycled paper products and eco-friendly soaps in the bathrooms.

7) Replace standard light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

8) Monthly discussions on how to reduce waste and impact of the entire organization.

We hope that if you don’t work or live in a place where eco-friendly choices are made that you will make a change in honor of this years Earth Day!