Old Cars Among Earth’s Chief Offenders

Let’s focus on getting the dirtiest cars off our roads. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, cars in the U.S. emit more than 333 million tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis, an amount equal to one-fifth of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. The most polluting cars are the oldest ‘gross polluters.’ Vehicles 15 years and older represent less than 25% of miles driven, but account for approximately 75% of the most harmful emissions.

If you really want to make a difference, donate your clunker to a charity you know and trust. You can research reputable charities at www.charitynavigator.com.  Choose an organization with well-recognized work, then call them and ask how much the charity will receive and where the money will be spent. Inquire about how the vehicle will be handled. You’ll want to know that the vehicle will be picked up and transported by a properly licensed and insured towing company, and that the legal transfer of the vehicle will be handled by a licensed dealer contracted by the charity. Finally, make sure you sign the title directly over to the charity or their agent. By leaving the title blank, you may remain liable for the vehicle.

If you decide to donate your car, pick a charity you can trust. At CarDonationWizard.com, you can donate your car to Habitat for Humanity, Arthritis Foundation, March of Dimes, Feed the Children, and many more. Car Donation Wizard returns 80% of each dollar raised back to charity.

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