New Partner: We Share Hope

Car Donation is proud to be newly partnered with We Share Hope, a charity that recognizes that they can help end hunger in Rhode Island and Massachusetts by locating, gathering, and distributing food that would otherwise be wasted, to shelters and food banks in need. You may have seen the We Share Hope food collection trucks passing through your neighborhood. Volunteers of this grassroots organization work day and night to obtain quality excess quality food in the local area and hand organize and deliver this food to organizations in need.

We Share Hope takes pride in their organization and since inception, they have been a self-supporting, action oriented, grassroots, and volunteer organization. Today, they freely provide donated food to over 90 public, private, and faith based organizations throughout Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts.

Car donation to We Share Hope would ensure that this unique organizations can help continue to feed the poor, distressed, and the underprivileged. Help We Share HopeĀ  not only concentrate on offering healthy food to organizations who serve those in need, but to those who may not meet the application requirement of state food assistance programs.

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Start your car donation to We Share Hope online now or by calling 877-957-2277.

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