Car Donation to National Public Radio

At Car Donation Wizard, we are proud to be partnered with Car Talk’s National Public Radio, giving donors easy access to donate a car to their favorite local radio station, anywhere in the country. All you need, in order to donate is the certificate of title and a non-stripped vehicle (car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle… you name it). We make sure that your car donation is safely and promptly handled by our professional team of experts who can help maximize your car donation for your radio station. After you donate a car, we’ll send you a receipt for your taxes! Easy and hassle free!

Public radio stations first aired in the United States in April of 1971 and are now broadcasting in over 900,000 stations in the U.S. Public radio stations are able to produce the great content that you hear, mainly through donations and private gifts. Each station specializes in the local news in your area, as well as, engaging in many issues and topics that impact local listners.

You may have heard of 90.9FM WBUR out Boston, Massachusetts where they are known to shed light on just about any topic you can think of; from sports, to health, and cars maintenance (Car Talk!).  WDET 101.9FM out of Detroit, Michigan is known for being an independent media, providing an alternative to business or government-owned mass media. Or maybe you listen to WFIU National Public Radio out Indianapolis, Indiana. They specialize in local news, arts, music, and TV. Whoever you listen to, simply visit our Car Talk vehicle donation page, choose your station to donate to and we’ll handle the rest!

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new and exciting updates. To find the local Public Radio Station near you, visit the NPR Station List here!

-Jamal Stutts