How To Recycle That Old Clunker

Car recycling’s benefit on the environment and our planet is undeniable. However, many junk vehicle owners don’t know where there car goes when they dispose of it and thus many  junk cars end up polluting landfills or junkyards, their hazardous waste materials never being properly disposed of. By responsibly choosing to recycle a car, you make a pledge that you will not allow your car to have a negative affect on our sensitive environment.

They are many great benefits to recycling your car. The greatest benefit for recycling your car is removing the heavy carbon footprint that your old, environmentally unfriendly clunker car has on our roadways. Did you know that cars twelve model years or older, with 150,000 or more miles on them, are more likely to produce polluting emissions than newer vehicles? The second benefit to vehicle recycling is turning old steel into new steel. Steel has the amazing ability to never lose it’s strength, allowing it to enter the recycling process an infinite number of times. The third benefit is that by recycling a car, you are also saving energy. Did you know the recycling of the steel from your car uses about 74% less energy than making new steel, which is great for energy conservation.

Its been reported that all steel produced today has at least 25% recycled steel in it. That is a decent percentage, but with all the abandoned cars on our roads I’m pretty sure we can do better than that. Steel recycling has now become a multibillion dollar worldwide industry, that’s not going away anytime soon. Car Donation Wizard will happily aid in the removal of your unwanted car, helping reduce environmental impact in more ways than one. We work with recycling facilities and scrap organizations in your local area and nationwide, making sure that your car is on the road to re-entering the world as new and improved steel. Do your part and get rid of your old clunker the proper way. Contact Car Donation Wizard at 877-957-2277 today for more information or to recycle a vehicle today.