National Animal Shelter Week

Guest Blog Post By: Jamal Stutts

Did you know there is a National Animal Shelter Week?

National Animal Shelter week was established in 1996 by the HSUS (Humane Society of United States). They started a campaign to circulate knowledge to the community about the roles shelters play in local communities. The campaign also helps the public, like you and I, become aware of the various animal welfare issues and shelter services.

This week is dedicated to getting many animals adopted into new homes, celebrating no kill animal shelters and thanking the many adopted pet lovers across the United States.  You can search for animal adoptions from just about anywhere: your mobile phone, internet, or even your local cable provider.  You can even narrow down what kind of animal your are looking for by breed, color, age, weight, and height.

If animal adoption isn’t the best option for you right now, you can always help out your local animal shelters by giving a donation. Shelters are always in need of funding to buy medical supplies, equipment, and food for rescued animals.  If you want to see the value of your donation in action, take a tour and see how things work in your local shelter, maybe even become a volunteer!

There are many things you can do to jump start National Animal Shelter week. Talk to one of your local shelters first and get some more information on how you can help. I bet you will be glad you did! Spread the word to co-workers and neighbors. Every little bit helps.

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