Letter from a donor to: Car Donation Wizard

One of the things that makes us the most proud to  give back is the feedback we receive from our donors. Here’s a letter we received recently:

My grandmother is a precious little Norwegian lady who has been living in New Jersey for over 60 years with my grandfather. After my grandfather passed away she found little use for her 1997 Oldsmobile. It had been sitting in the garage for a long period of time, getting about an hour of usage every couple of weeks, when she had decided that maybe the best choice was to junk her car. When I heard her say she wanted to junk her car, I told her that a vehicle donation program would be much better option AND she would be giving back to a charity. I told her that car donations are helping out millions of charities, especially Habitat for Humanity.

We have cousins that live in Norway that had vacationed in Thailand during the 2004 Tsunami and had unfortunately lost their lives, so we knew we wanted to support a charity that supported Tsunami rebuilding. After researching a little bit more about Habitat for Humanity and their Cars for Homes program, I realized that donating her car will help build homes over in Thailand for those who lost their homes and belongings. I had explained this to her and she decided that she wanted the proceeds of her donated vehicle to go to Car for Homes program.

After filling out the form on line at Cars for Homes, we received a phone call a couple days later from a towing agency in New Jersey. The man on the phone was extremely nice, and patient considering it’s still hard to understand her thick Norwegian accent. He arrived at her house a few hours later and honestly could not have been any sweeter to her. He helped her take the license plates off of her car, and helped her sign over her title. Once the car was picked up, she received a receipt saying that $450 went toward the Cars for Homes program, which is more than we had thought we would get for the vehicle!

The whole program itself was so easy, and it felt good to be doing something for a charity with little to no effort involved. I strongly suggest that if you have a vehicle you are no longer using, you should consider donating it to one of the thousands of charities on Car Donation Wizard’s vehicle donation charity list.

– Keri P.

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