Tony’s 2003
Ford Taurus

Donated to WABE

WABE Car Donation Review

This car has truly been a blessing to not only me but my entire family. I hope someone can get some value out of it.”

This Ford Taurus has really been like family to me. I was raised by just my mother and she always wanted to get a car for me in high school. In 2003, my junior year, we went through several different cars because either the price was too high or the finance did not fit her budget. Finally, she was able to get this Taurus brand new with a deal. She worked so hard to have that car paid off in a few years I told her that I will drive it until the wheels fell off and in a way that is exactly what I did.

This car was with me through college, my first apartment, my first job, and was the car I drove on the first date with my now wife. It was the car that we took our son home from the hospital and the car that drove us to our first house.

This car has taught me so many valuable lessons. I learned about character and how it is not defined by what you drive or how you dress. As I started to progress in my career, I would get so many eyes of confusion when I would mention the car I drove because so many would have more luxurious ones. It did not bother me. I started to take this as a badge of honor as I knew where the true value for me was and that was with my family and being able to do things like vacations, events, and even budget for big things like weddings without going into debt.

However, it did not come without its frustrations. There were a lot of repairs that had to be done over the years. In fact, one time in 2017, I got so frustrated with it I just parked the car in the garage and went out and got an Audi. The car note was affordable but something that we had to adjust to but before I could even pay the first car note, I was hit by a deer and the Audi was totaled. Once again the Taurus was there waiting for me. This was perfect timing too, because 6 months later I lost my job and I am sure that on the tight budget we were on at that time I would not be able to afford it.

Now I am in a great spot and looking to upgrade my wife’s car. So, the first car I get (and hopefully have for more than a month) will be a car that my family picks together and nothing is more rewarding than that. This car has truly served its purpose and more.

This car has truly been a blessing to not only me but my entire family. I hope someone can get some value out of it.

Thank You, Tony!

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