Spotlight on our Partner: The American Cancer Society

We are proudly partnered with the American Cancer Society’s Cars For a Cure vehicle donation program. The American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of birthdays and this year they celebrated their 100th anniversary in the flight against cancer. The American Cancer Society is an organization that believes in saving lives by helping people around the country prevent cancer or detect it early, when it’s most treatable. At its core, the American Cancer Society is a vigilant grassroots force of citizen-soldiers; passionate volunteers who tirelessly seek to save lives from cancer. Whether it’s passing smoke-free laws through their Cancer Action Network Program, increasing funding for cancer research, improving access to quality health care, or inspiring communities to take up the fight, ACS fights on all fronts, because the lessons we learn from one battlefield can mean victory on another. Through community events like Relay For Life® and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer®, we mobilize the world’s largest movement to defeat cancer once and for all.

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Fight for everyone.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate; neither does ACS. The American Cancer Society fights for every birthday threatened by every cancer, in every community. ACS fights so one day no one has to ever face cancer.

Combine wisdom with passion.

Their unwavering commitment is based on a century of experience. ACS turns what they know about cancer – like how to prevent it – into what they do. And they fight on every front, because lessons from one battlefield can mean victory on another.


The list of accomplishments ACS has achieved with their more than 3 million supporters is long, but the bottom line is that more than 11 million cancer survivors – and countless Americans who have avoided cancer – are celebrating birthdays this year because of the progress they have made.

Together with millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society saves lives and creates more birthdays by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. Give back today through vehicle donations. Donate a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, trailer, airplane, motorhome or other vehicle today and help the American Cancer Society continue to save lives.

If you or someone you know have any questions about cancer or would like someone to talk to,  call the American Cancer Society’s 24/7 hotline.

Cars For a Cure

Why Donate a Vehicle With Us?

Some competitive advantages of donating your vehicle to one of our many fantastic Charity Partners:

1) Time: We’re much faster than the competition. We communicate online with most donors and our towers pick up the vehicles quickly and efficiently.

2) Technology: We’re technologically far advanced.  From the simplest details like with our auctions and buyers, we are light years ahead of the competition.

3) Team: We’ve got a great, experienced team, and we’re committed to our Charity Partners.

4) Towing Rates: We negotiate terrific auction and towing rates (much better than the competition receives.)

5) Track: We report and track all details related to the donations so that the charities we work with get up to the minute information on their donors and their vehicles.

6) Translation: All of this basically translates into lower costs + higher gross selling price. We get more dollars for vehicles by selling at the very best outlets, without having to be loyal to one location.

Most Vehicle Donation Programs promise the charity a split of the ‘net proceeds’. These net amounts are derived after the third party deducts their own fees. This means that the charity’s true net is usually between 15% and 35% of the gross return.

Our charities consistently receive between over 80% of the gross sales price as their net return. No other Vehicle Donation Program Can Deliver the Same.

Car Donations: How Much Can I Deduct?

When you donate a car you may deduct the fair market value when filing your taxes, this may be different than the Kelly Blue Book Value, as vehicle worth varies depending on the type of re-sale marketplace.

The actual amount you are able to deduct is dependent on what the charity does with the donated vehicle. Once your charity sells the vehicle, your deduction is limited to the gross proceeds the charity receives from selling the vehicle. If that amount is less than $500, you may be able to deduct the fair market value up to $500.

Sample Scenario from

On April 1, 2013, you donated your car to the local food bank. When you donated the car, you had determined that the fair market value was $4,300. On April 15, 2013, the charity sold your car (to someone other than a needy individual), without any significant intervening use or material improvement, and received gross proceeds of $3,700. Your deduction may not exceed $3,700.

Donate a vehicle and help build a home

Maybe you’d love to donate some of your time to Habitat for Humanity because you believe in the work they do, building affordable homes for low-income families, but you don’t have enough time to spare. On the other hand, maybe you have a used vehicle that you need to part with. In that case, both you and Habitat for Humanity are in luck.

Their national “Cars for Homes” program has created a win-win situation, with Habitat for Humanity able to accept donations of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs and other vehicles. They then sell the vehicles through automobile auctions, recyclers or salvage yards to raise money that helps in the construction of homes.

Funds generated from the sale of the vehicles benefits the local Habitat where the donation is made.

Since Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization, it may be possible for donors to claim deductions on their income tax returns, if they itemize. In general, donors can deduct the fair market value of any car up to $499. If it sells for more than $500, the full price can be deducted.

Every vehicle donated will go towards eliminating substandard housing in local communities.

Car Donation Tip

Be Proactive In Your Giving 

Smart givers generally don’t give re-actively in a knee-jerk fashion. They don’t respond to the first organization that appeals for help. They take the time to identify which causes are most important to their families and they are specific about the change they want to affect. For example, they don’t just support generic cancer charities, but instead have targeted goals for their giving, such as providing mammograms to at-risk women in their community.

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