Starting a Vehicle Donation Program

Lately Car Donation Wizard has been receiving a lot of phone calls from nonprofit organizations who want to learn about the vehicle donation process and how they can get involved. So we decided to let all nonprofits know just how easy it is to set up a Vehicle Donation Program with Car Donation Wizard.

Vehicle donation is one of the easiest ways for charities to help fund their nonprofit missions or to help with program expenses.

Car Donation Wizard is partnered with national charity programs like the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity International, U.S. Fund for UNICEF and March of Dimes just to name a few. Car Donation Wizard gives back over 80% of the gross proceeds to our charity partners.

For small to medium sized organizations we recommend that they sign up for a vehicle donation program with V-DAC. V-DAC is a Fundraising Counsel, registered with the State of California, Office of the Attorney General and is not a Commercial Fund Raiser. It provides a service that allows any charity, church or school in the country to have a vehicle donation program.  We have partnered with V-DAC to make the benefits of vehicle donation available to all sized nonprofits.

V-DAC runs the vehicle donation programs for ASPCA, Car Talk, National Public Radio, Food Banks, YMCA’s, schools and hundreds of small, medium and large charities across the Unites States.

Setting up a vehicle donation program is easy. You can contact a representative from Car Donation Wizard or from V-DAC and we will walk you through signing your charity up. There are no contracts and we set up your donation page for you.

It is that simple.

Vehicle donation has no upfront costs and we get paid per car, so if you do not get any car donations we don’t get paid.

“It is harder to raise a dollar than to make a dollar”-Joseph D. Hearn, President and C.E.O of Advanced Remarketing Services. Inc. so keep that in mind if you are considering starting a car donation program. The benefits of having a car donation program can help fund your nonprofit’s mission, with little or no upfront costs.

We are the highest returning car donation program and that’s why the best charities want to work with Car Donation Wizard.

Contact Car Donation Wizard: 877.709.2277 or email

Contact V-DAC510-412-2140 or email


Raising Money for Relay!

In January Car Donation Wizard decided to form a Relay For Life team: Cars for a Cure. We have been slowly raising money through different fundraising events and today we had our official kick-off event, a raffle at our offices, to start the Relay Season.

We approached local businesses in Rhode Island and the response was overwhelming. We had over 20 prizes that were raffled off today; including salons, barber shops, local restaurants and two pizza places that donated pizza for the event.

The kick-off was a huge success and we raised $442 for our team. Next up for the Cars for a Cure team is a bake sale on June 6th.

Check out some pictures from the event:

20140522_115625[1]Members of our Relay for Life team: Kara, Pam and Kalyn

1400765664147[1]All of our raffle sponsors. Thank you !

Car Donation Wizard is doing its part to help create a world with more birthdays in it. Working directly with the American Cancer Society on their vehicle donation program, has allowed us to see first hand how every dollar raised can help cancer patients, families and survivors fight back against cancer. If you want to learn more about Relay for Life, check out this video:


New Charity Partner: Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Car Donation Wizard is proud to announce our new partnership with Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Helping communities and families since 1982, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank is a lifeline in Rhode Island. Core values of dignity, accountability, responsiveness and collaboration, the Food Bank provides food to people in need and promotes long-term solutions to the problem of hunger. With over 144,000 Rhode Islanders living in poverty, the Food Bank served 68,000 people every month and distributed over 9.9 million pounds of food in 2013.

The increase of hunger needs throughout the Unites States means that Food Banks all over the country are looking for ways to meet the demand of their constituents.

Car Donation Wizard is a Rhode Island based company, so this cause is near and dear to our hearts. We are excited to be helping our local communities and the Rhode Island Community Food Bank fight back against hunger and we hope you will too!

Through vehicle donations you can help fight back against hunger and find a solution to this everyday problem. If you want to learn more about the Rhode Island Community Food Bank: Click Here

Donate today!

Check out the 30th Anniversary Video for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank:


Where should you donate your car?

Donating your car can seem like a daunting experience; you want to make sure that the charity you pick gets a high percentage of the proceeds and that you get the maximum tax deduction. With so many car donation programs to choose from, it is hard to figure out which ones really help the charities and which ones are just in it to make a profit.

Here is a quick overview of Car Donation Wizard’s program and some tips to help you navigate the car donation process:

  1. CDW only partners with respected 501(c)(3) charities. If you are looking at car donation programs and are unsure or unfamiliar with the name of the charity or what they do, check out Charity Navigator to get answers. At CDW you can choose from our long list of partners, everything from Habitat for Humanity International, The American Caner Society to the ASPCA. You will find a charity that speaks to you.
  2. Our donation process is simple. All you have to do is follow three easy steps to complete your donation:
      1. Fill out the donation form online or over the telephone.
      2. Transfer over your title to Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc.
      3. 24-48 hours your vehicle will be picked up.
  3. We sell our vehicles through auctions and to licensed dismantlers and recyclers. We assess every vehicle that comes through our doors to get the highest value for both the charity and for you. Once your car is sold, we will notify you and prepare your 1098c tax deduction form.

Assessing every vehicle allows us to get top dollar for our vehicles and give back over 80% of the gross proceeds to our charity partners. When looking at other car donation programs ask what percentage of the gross proceeds go back to the charity.  The nations largest non-profit organizations partner with us because of our commitment to returns, reliability and consistency.

Do research before you donate your vehicle and if you have any questions about our vehicle donation program, please call us on 877.709.2277 or email us at










American Cancer Society: Cars for A Cure

Every day the American Cancer Society saves lives and creates a world with more birthdays in it. In 2012 Car Donation Wizard joined forces with the American Cancer Society to reintroduce the Cars for a Cure program.

Here are some facts and figures that demonstrate the amazing work that the American Cancer Society does and how donating your car today can help achieve even more.

  • Nearly 14 million people in the US who have had cancer- and countless more who have avoided it – will be celebrating birthdays this year.
  • The American Cancer Society had awarded more than $3.8 billion in research grants since 1945.
  • The American Cancer Society offers free lodging to more than 40,000 patients in 31 locations throughout the US through it’s Hope Lodges.
  • The American Cancer Society offers 1 million free transportation services throughout the US.
  • In 2014 one of the nations leading drug stores, CVS Caremark, stated that it will no longer be selling tobacco products or cigarettes at it’s drug stores, a campaign that the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network has worked tirelessly to achieve. In October 2014 CVS Caremark will be the first national drug store to take the step towards “the fight to save lives from the devastating effects of tobacco use”.

With all of the great results that the American Cancer Society has achieved they need funds to support their efforts, here are some of the fun and easy ways to give back:

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is held throughout the country and is a great way for communities and individuals to give back and raise money and awareness for cancer research.

This year Car Donation Wizard has a Relay for Life team. We have been campaigning for months, working with local businesses trying to raise money for cancer research and other programs run by the American Cancer Society. Everything from dress down days to raffles, we are raising money for our Cars for a Cure team and having fun at the same time!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

This is an annual walk that takes place across the Unites States. Survivors, caregivers and those affected by breast cancer come out to support the American Cancer Society’s mission “to create a world with more birthday’s in it”.

Vehicle Donation

We are a proud partner of the American Cancer Society’s Cars For a Cure vehicle donation program. Vehicle donation is one of the easiest ways to give back to your favorite organization. Donate a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, trailer, airplane, motor-home or other vehicle today and help the American Cancer Society continue to save lives.


If you or someone you know have any questions about cancer or would like someone to talk to,  call the American Cancer Society’s 24/7 hotline.

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